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Bird Seed Bird Craft

Our bird seed bird craft is a great sensory craft for young children. Simply print and trace our provided template onto construction paper. Our daughter loved spreading the glue around inside the template with her fingers, almost as much as she loved playing in the big bowl of birdseed! This is a cute, simple bird craft that your children are sure to enjoy.

What you'll need:

How to make your Bird Seed Bird Craft:
  1. Print our template and cut the piece out. Trace the bird onto a piece of heavy construction paper.
  2. Fill the traced bird in completely with white glue – use your finger to get a nice even coat.
  3. Have your child dump on as much birdseed as possible to completely cover all the glue. When the glue is covered, gently press down on the birdseed to make sure it is sticking well. Most likely, your whole pieces of paper will be covered with birdseed at the end of this step.
  4. Dump the excess birdseed off of the picture to reveal the “hidden” bird picture underneath.
  5. Glue a googly eye onto your bird.

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