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Unique Holiday Crafts

Check out our collection of r kids crafts themed around some of the least know holidays.  We've come up with crafts for holidays like national popcorn day, national find a rainbow day, national eat veggies day and many more.  Try any one of these crafts with your kids and make some of these lesser known holidays a fun time!

Unique Holiday Crafts

National Cookie Day Memory Game cookie day memory game

Let children create their own batch of colorful cookies to celebrate National Cookie Day on December 4th in the National Cookie Day Memory Game craft. Make your own memory game from craft foam, scissors, markers, a paper plate, and a Ziploc bag. Once complete, use the instructions provided to play this fun take on the classic memory game!

International Children’s Book Day Craft childrens book day craft

Perk up any book with the International Children’s Book Day Wise Owl Felt Bookmark! Make your own owl bookmark from colored felt, scissors, glue, wiggly eyes, ribbon, and a button. Once complete, grab your favorite book and read it on April 2nd in celebration of International Children’s Book Day!

National Carnival Day Craft carnival craft

Preschoolers will have a blast celebrating National Carnival Day on February 26th with the National Carnival Day Big Top Tent and Circus Animal Craft! Make your own fun-filled craft from colored cardstock, markers, animal crackers, glue, and scissors. Once complete, children can have fun playing with their animal crackers under the big top!

Boston Tea Party Day Tea Cup Craft boston tea party craft

Keep children occupied on December 16th with the Boston Tea Party Day Tea Cup Bead Catch. Create your own bead catch from yarn, an empty water bottle, scissors, glue, markers, colored cardstock, stapler, a pipe cleaner, and a marble. Once complete, hold a competition to see who can catch the bead the most times!

National Big Wind Day Fan Craft national big wind day craft

Create a colorful paper fan with the National Big Wind Day Paper Fan craft to use on April 12th to celebrate National Big Wind Day! Make your own fan from a rubber band, two Popsicle sticks, colored cardstock, a stapler, markers, and glue. Once complete, make an extra to share with a friend, and take turns fanning each other!

National Aviation Day Airplane Craft national aviation day craft

August 19th, National Aviation Day, just got a whole lot more fun with the National Aviation Day Airplane Craft! Elementary-aged children will love making their own airplanes from toilet paper tubes, aluminum foil, colored cardstock, markers, scissors, cardboard, and glue. Once complete, clear the runway, and get ready for takeoff!

National Popcorn Day Snowman Craft national popcorn day craft

Start a new tradition and celebrate National Popcorn Day on January 19th with the yummy National Popcorn Day Snowman Favor. Make your own adorable snowman to wrap around a bag of microwavable popcorn from colored cardstock, markers, glue, tape, scissors, felt, wiggly eyes, and a button. Once complete, write a sweet message and deliver your favor to a friend or loved one!

National Cow Appreciation Day Craft national cow appreciation day craft

What better way to celebrate National Cow Appreciation Day on July 8th than with the National Cow Appreciation Day Cow Clip Craft? Create your own cute cow from a clothespin, wiggly eyes, a button, colored cardstock, markers, scissors, and glue. Once complete, use your new craft to keep all of your cheesy crackers fresh!