Everything Elmo - Including Elmo Video for iPod!

It's a fact that kids just love Elmo. Our daughter loves everything Elmo and everytime Sesame Street comes on the TV, you can hear her gasp in excitement and go crawling as fast as she can to see the TV. She has a bunch of Elmo toys already and they are some of her very favorites. We've listed some of our daughter's favorite Elmo toys, books and even some Elmo video for iPod. We've also put together some Elmo Coloring Pages and some fun facts about Elmo. If you know of anything that should be on this page, please let us know.

Elmo Video for iPod

Want some Elmo video for on the go? Here are a couple Elmo videos from Sesame Street you can put on your iPod!

Happy, Healthy, Ready for School

Music Works Wonders

We put both of the Elmo videos above on our iPod so we have Elmo with us wherever we go. Click on either of the Elmo videos for your iPod above to download from iTunes for free. Below are links to Elmo videos that you may be interested in. The videos are all free at iTunes.
Happy, Healthy, Ready for School
You Can Ask
Talk, Listen, Learn
Music Works Wonders
Lead Away
A is for Asthma

Favorite Elmo Toys

If your child loves Elmo, then you should know about these toys!

Elmo Phone
Fisher Price Sesame Street Elmo Knows Your Name Cell Phone
Our daughter just loves this phone. It took about 5 minutes set to set it up to say her name and its one of the first toys she always goes for. Push a button and it dials and then Elmo answers and says he's so happy to her from her by name! We think it helped her learn her name.

Elmo Doll
Sesame Street 12" Elmo Doll by Gund
This is our daughters favorite Elmo doll. She has a few at this point, but this is her favorite. Its just the right size for her to hold and take to bed with her. We lost him at one point and had to go out and buy him again the same day! We now have 3 of him just to be sure there is always one in the house.

Elmo Sounds and Songs

Below are some Elmo sounds and songs you can listen to right here or download for yourself.
Elmo's Song
Splish Splash
Elmo ABC
Elmo Loves You!
Tickle Me Elmo
Elmo Giggling

Below are some Elmo songs with videos on YouTube

Don't Know Y - Norah Jones with Elmo
Elmo with Goo Goo Dolls
Elmo with Backstreet Boys

Coloring Pages:

Want to have some fun coloring with Elmo? View and print any of our Elmo coloring pages for Free! Below are just a few of our Elmo coloring pages. To see more, click here

View all Elmo Coloring Pages

Fun Elmo Facts!

Name: Elmo Monster
Scientific Name: Furrius childus
Age: 3 1/2 years
Birthday: February 3
Best Friends: Zoe and Grover
Favorite Song: Elmo's Song
Quote: "That tickles!", "Elmo loves you!"
Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts
Muppeteer: Kevin Clash
Favorite Hobbies: piano, violin, and tap dancing
First appearance on Sesame Street: 1984
Pet: Dorothy (the goldfish)
Most popular Elmo item: Tickle Me Elmo
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite fruit: banana
Favorite game: Tag
Favorite sports: Rollerblading, Miniature golf
Philosophy: give love and you shall recieve love
Awards: Won the longest giggle award on the Golden Grover Awards
Big Screen Appearances: Elmo in Grouchland (1999)
Video/TV Appearances: CinderElmo (1999), Elmopalooza (1998), Elmo Saves Christmas (1996), Elmocize (1996), Elmo Says Boo (1996)