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Pom Pom Christmas Tree Craft

This pom-pom Christmas tree craft is one of the classic Christmas crafts for kids. Its a classic because it still works as well now as it did back when I made it as a child and our daughter had a blast making it. You can make this Christmas tree craft either as simple or as complex as you want, so its great for kids of any age group. Weve changed things just a bit to make it easier for a younger child to do (our daughter is at a very independent age). If made a little smaller, this cute Christmas craft could easily be a great homemade Christmas ornament as well.

What you'll need:

  • Pom-poms multiple colors and sizes (craft stores usually have a big bag like this)
  • Light weight cardboard (we used a cut-up cereal box)
  • White glue (a glue stick wont work here)
  • Pom-Pom Christmas tree template
How to make your Pom Pom Christmas Tree Craft
  1. Print our template and cut the piece out. Trace it onto a piece of cardboard and cut the tree out.
  2. Cover the tree (except for the trunk) with white glue. Have your child add green pom-poms all over the tree. Make sure they are pressed tight together. The very tip of the tree should be a yellow pom-pom so it looks like a star.
  3. Squeeze a puddle of glue onto a paper plate (or a napkin or scrap piece of paper). Have your child pick out smaller, colorful pom-poms to use as ornaments. Have your child dip the pom-pom into the puddle of glue and then stick it on the tree wherever they would like. We found this method much less frustrating for our daughter. Put the finished tree aside to dry well (otherwise everything will slide off).
  4. Add a string on the back to turn it into an ornament.

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