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Fall Worksheets

Looking for some simple, yet fun fall themed worksheets?

Great job - you made it to the right place!

Below you will find 40+ free fall worksheets which cover a variety of topics like the alphabet, numbers, reading, writing, math and much more!

football maze
Fall Football Maze
fall alphabet tracing worksheet
Fall Alphabet Review - Capitals
fall lowercase alphabet
Fall Alphabet Review - Lowercase
fall tracing numbers worksheet
Fall Tracing Numbers Worksheet
fall cutting practice worksheet
Fall Cutting Practice Worksheet
fall scissor skills worksheet
Fall Scissor Skills Worksheet
fall cutting zig zag lines
Fall Cutting Zig Zag Lines
fall cut and paste puzzle
Fall Cut and Paste Puzzle
fall count and clip cards
Fall Count and Clip Cards
printable fall word scramble
Printable Fall Word Scramble
printable fall word matching
Fall Word to Picture Matching
printable autumn decoder puzzle
Printable Fall Decoder Puzzle
fall missing letters worksheet
Fall Missing Letters Worksheet
printable fall picture matching
Printable Fall Picture Matching
fall handwriting worksheet
Fall Handwriting Worksheet
fall counting practice worksheet
Fall Counting Worksheet
autumn counting worksheet
Autumn Counting Worksheet
fall same worksheet
Fall Same Worksheet
autumn different worksheet
Fall Different Worksheet
alphabetical order worksheet
Alphabetical Order Worksheet
addition worksheet
Fall Addition Worksheet
subtraction worksheet
Fall Subtraction Worksheet
fall spelling worksheet
Fall Spelling Worksheet
fall spelling practice worksheet
Fall Spelling Practice
beginning letters worksheet
Fall Beginning Letters
fall word bank worksheet
Fall Word Bank Worksheet
fall syllables worksheet
Fall Syllables Worksheet
fall reading comprehension worksheet
Fall Reading Comprehension
printable fall patten worksheet
Fall Pattern Worksheet
fall patterns worksheet
Fall Patterns Worksheet
fall fine motor skills worksheet
Fine Motor Skills Worksheet
fall tracing lines worksheet
Tracing Lines Worksheet
fall letter l worksheet
Fall L is for Leaf Worksheet
fall letter p worksheet
Fall P is for Pumpkin Worksheet
scarecrow handwriting worksheet
Scarecrow Handwriting Practice
fall pumpkin handwriting practice worksheet
Pumpkin Handwriting Practice
fall draw and write worksheet
Fall Think, Draw and Write Worksheet
printable fall counting to 2
Fall Counting Worksheet
printable fall counting to 6
Fall Counting Worksheet
printable fall counting to 9
Fall Counting Worksheet
fall counting 10 worksheet
Fall Counting 10 Worksheet
fall counting 15 worksheet
Fall Counting 15 Worksheet
fall counting 20 worksheet
Fall Counting 20 Worksheet
fall lined paper
Fall Lined Paper

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