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Flower Crafts for Kids

Check out our selection of flower crafts for kids to make. We have put together all of these flower crafts for a variety of seasons and holidays and wanted to bring them together in one area for those who are looking specifically for fun flower crafts to do with their kids. We have handprint flowers, flower pot crafts, picture holder flowers, flower magnets and more fun flower crafts for kids!

Flower Crafts for Kids

Paper Roll Flower Print paper roll flower print craft

Here's a great craft for spring or summer for your little one to make. These flower prints are made from recycled paper rolls and they are really easy to make. This is an especially good craft for toddlers to do but the older children will enjoy it as well.

Handprint Flowers Craft handprint flowers craft

Handprint crafts are always fun and this flowers craft is made by tracing children's hands and turning them into flowers to make a beautiful arrangement. This flower craft works great with multiple kids and various colors and sizes of flowers.

Lollipop Flower Craft lollipop flower craft

Start with a lollipop and turn it into a flower with this simple and fun craft for kids. What child would not want to do a craft involving candy? Our daughter thought this one was really cool and we think your kids will too.

Pictures Flower Pot picture flower pot

This flower pot craft is a really cute one and we will think you will like it too. This flower craft is a great one for kids to do for their parents since the flowers include pictures of the kids.

Sunflower Craft sunflower craft

Sunflowers that reach into the sky are one of our favorite parts of summer. So what could be a better craft than a sunflower craft made with real sunflower seeds. This is a simple summer craft for kids that makes a wonderful decoration as well.

Letter V Vase Craft letter v vase craft

V is for vase and violets too and this fun alphabet craft has both. Turn the letter V into a beautiful vase by adding flowers to it. This Letter V vase is perfect for young crafters learning their alphabet letters.

Egg Carton Flowers egg carton flowers

A beautiful bouquet for flowers that bloom all year long! Make these pretty flowers from an egg carton and a few other basic materials. This is sure to be a hit with all the kids during summer.

Flower Magnets Craft flower magnets craft

Check out our flower magnets craft which kids will enjoy. Use our flower template and make a variety of flower magnets in different colors. Kids can use their creativity to add the decorations that make these flowers special.

Heart Flower Craft heart flower craft

This flower craft is one we did during Valentine's Day and that is why we made out of hearts. But, you can do anytime of the year and it still a simple and fun flower craft for kids. The only materials your really need for this flower craft are construction paper, scissors and some glue.

Foam Daffodil Craft daffodil craft

Make a daffodil with some craft foam and a soda bottle cap. Daffodils are a favorite for a lot of kids and you can use our template to help make this simple flower craft with your kids. We did this one during spring, but you can do anytime you want to do a flower craft.

Wrapper Flowers Craft wrapper flowers craft

Kids can use cupcake wrappers and some construction paper to make a garden of flowers scene. Use different colored and patterned cupcake wrappers to get a neat variety for your garden of flowers. Kids like to try crafts with new materials which is why the cupcake wrappers make this one unique.

Fingerprint Flower Box fingerprint flower box

All you need for this flower themed craft is a small wooden box from a craft store and some paint. Kid use their fingerprint to help make the flower on the box and this makes a nice gift for Mom or a sister or friend.

Ocean Flower Pot flower pot craft

We found our toddler had a great time helping make this ocean themed flower pot (gluing on the shells). Older kids can do the whole thing themselves and use their imagination for the ocean scenery. Then since most kids love to plant flowers, they can use it to plant some seeds.

Patriotic Flower Pot kids flower pot

Children will enjoy making a patriotic themed flower pot during holidays like memorial day, 4th of july or anytime during the summer really. Flower pot crafts are fun for kids since the fun doesn't end when the craft is done - plant some seeds, water, and then watch some flowers bloom.