Crafts are one of the major reasons we started this site. We love doing crafts with our daughter and believe that doing crafts with kids is a great way to spend time with children while helping them develop important skills. All of the kids craft ideas on this page are ones we enjoyed doing in our own home and all of the pictures and templates are from us doing the crafts ourselves.

Seasonal Crafts for Kids

Take a look through our fun ideas for kids crafts during each of the seasons below. We had fun doing all of these crafts right in our own home, so we know they are fun and child friendly.

winter crafts for kids

Kids Winter Crafts

Snowmen, penguins and more! Check out our collection of winter crafts for kids.
spring crafts for kids

Kids Spring Crafts

Flowers, rainbows, butterflies and more! Visit our spring crafts for kids section.
summer crafts for kids

Kids Summer Crafts

Beach crafts, fish, crabs and more! Visit our summer crafts for kids page.
fall crafts for kids

Kids Fall Crafts

Leaves, pumpkin crafts, scarecrows and more! Take a look through our collection of kids fall crafts.

Holiday Crafts for Kids

Click on any of the links below to see all of our crafts for each specific holiday. Make sure to check out our holiday crafts page for the rest of our holiday crafts for kids.

groundhog day crafts for kids

Groundhog Day Crafts

Will the groundhog see his shadow on this special day?
valentine's day crafts for kids

Valentine's Day Crafts

Special heart and candy themed crafts for this fun holiday.
presidents day crafts for kids

President's Day Crafts

Some cute kids crafts to celebrate some of our presidents.
st patricks day crafts for kids

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Shamrock crafts, leprechaun crafts and more kids crafts.
easter crafts for kids

Easter Crafts

Kids Easter crafts including the Easter bunny, eggs and more.
mother's day crafts for kids

Mother's Day Crafts

Some cute ideas for homemade gifts for mom on her special day.
father's day crafts for kids

Father's Day Crafts

Some fun ideas for a homemade gift for dad on his special day.
4th of july crafts for kids

4th of July Crafts

4th of July crafts for kids including a variety of patriotic things.
halloween crafts for kids

Halloween Crafts

Kids Halloween crafts including jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and more.
thanksgiving crafts for kids

Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving crafts for kids including turkeys, pilgrims and more.
christmas crafts for kids

Christmas Crafts

So many fun crafts around the Christmas holiday - just check them out!
hanukkah crafts for kids

Hanukkah Crafts

We have some simple, but fun kids crafts for Hanukkah to choose from.

Kids Animal Crafts

We recently started this section of animals crafts for kids. So far we have pages of ocean animal crafts and bug crafts. We are currently finishing up a fish crafts section and then we'll be working on more sections of animal crafts.

kids farm crafts

Farm Animal Crafts

We have crafts for all of your favorite farms animals including a cow, sheep, horse, pig, chicken, duck and more!
zoo animal crafts

Zoo Animal Crafts

Spend a day at the zoo making some of our zoo animal crafts including a lion (and his habitat), giraffe, peacock and more.
kids fish crafts

Fish Crafts

Check out our special section dedicated to fun fish crafts for kids.
kids ocean animals crafts

Ocean Animal Crafts

Dolphins, crabs, octopus and more. We have a bunch of ocean animal crafts for kids.
kids pond crafts

Pond Crafts

You'll love our set of pond crafts including a turtle, frog, dragonflies and more.
bug crafts for kids

Bug Crafts

Spiders, ladybugs, inchworms and more! Check out our selection of kids bug crafts.
kids bird crafts

Bird Crafts

Check out our section of kids bird crafts including a peacock, owl, penguin and lots more!
kids dinosaur crafts

Dinosaur Crafts

We have a really fun collection of dinosaur crafts for kids. Check out our shapes dinosaur, dinosaur sock puppet and much more!
snake craft

Reptile Crafts

Have fun making some cool reptile crafts including alligators and snakes.
africa animals crafts

African Animals Crafts

Check out our cool lion craft along with his habitat as well as our simple giraffe craft that kids will love to make and then play with!

Other Kids Crafts

Below are the collections of crafts that don't fit nicely into one of the other sections. We are always doing different crafts with our daughter, so when we do some that aren't part of our existing sections, we'll go ahead and put it here.

alphabet crafts for kids

Alphabet Crafts

Check out our section of alphabet crafts kids kids. We have lots of fun craft and game ideas to teach the alphabet.
number crafts for kids

Number Crafts

Help kids learn their numbers with this set of fun and educational numbers crafts!
shape crafts

Shape Crafts

Help kids practice their recognition of shapes with this set of fun and educational shape crafts.
back to school crafts

Back to School Crafts

We just added this fun new section of back to school crafts for kids.
fire safety crafts for kids

Fire Safety Crafts

Help kids learn the basics of fire safety with this set of fire safety crafts.
book crafts

Favorite Book Crafts

We have crafts to go along with some of kids favorite books!
nursery rhyme crafts

Nursery Rhyme Crafts

We've got crafts to go with all the most popular nursery rhymes.
bible crafts

Bible Crafts

Check out our collection of Bible crafts that kids will really enjoy!
birthday party crafts

Birthday Crafts

Check out our collection of birthday party crafts including ones for specific themes.
space crafts for kids

Space Crafts

Take a look at our kids space crafts including topics like the moon, constellations, astronauts, aliens and more!
robot crafts for kids

Robot Crafts

Kids will love our section of robot crafts! We have some simple, fun and creative robot crafts for kids.
fantasy crafts for kids

Fantasy Crafts

Check out our collection of fantasy crafts including fairies, dress-up, monsters and more!
100th day of school crafts

100th Day Crafts

Help kids celebrate their 100th day of school with this collection of fun 100 themed crafts.
flower crafts for kids

Flower Crafts

Check out our section dedicated to flower crafts of different shapes, sizes and materials.
music crafts for kids

Music Crafts

Check out our section dedicated to musical instrument crafts for kids including a guitar, drum, tambourine and more!
dental crafts

Dental Crafts

Check out our dental health crafts including teeth, toothbrushes and more dental health fun.
paper plate crafts for kids

Paper Plate Crafts

Check out our section dedicated to kids crafts made using paper plates. We have a variety to choose from!
homemade cards

Homemade Cards

Homemade card crafts! We have a nice variety of fun themed greeting card crafts to choose from.
make a birthday card

Make a Birthday Card

Homemade birthday card ideas we have done and that you can use to make a birthday card with your kids.
oswald crafts for kids

Oswald Crafts

Oswald, Weenie, Henry, Daisy and more! Check out our Oswald crafts that include templates.
puzzle crafts for kids

Puzzle Crafts

We just started this new section of puzzle crafts for kids and they are sure to love it!
dress up crafts

Dress Up Crafts

Take a look at our crafts that make fun dress up crafts for kids.
kids clock craft

Clock Craft

Have fun putting together this kids clock craft and learn about time.
kids boat craft

Boat Craft

Follow our simple instructions to make this fun boat craft for kids.
kids kaleidoscope craft

Kaleidoscope Craft

Kids can make their very own kaleidoscope with ease.
Thanks for checking out our craft section. If you have done any of our crafts and would like to share your pictures, we would love to see them - just send us an email at or send us an email if you have any ideas you would like to share. If you'd like a list of basic craft supplies to have on hand for most kids crafts, check out this list of kids craft materials.