4th of July is a holiday that all kids love to celebrate with all of the parades, parties and fireworks!  Our fun and easy Fourth of July crafts will help enhance the fun of the day.  Make some great decorations for a party and involve your child in the planning or make some great hats or wands to take with you to a parade or a fireworks celebration.  Every craft listed below has been tested in our own home, so we know that they will all work as described and will appeal to your children.  Our daughter is a huge fan of the 4th of July Wand and she loves to walk around waving it!  Have fun being patriotic and Happy 4th of July!

Kids Fourth of July Crafts

Patriotic Windsock Craft patriotic windsock craft

This patriotic craft is a unique take on the American flag. Your child will enjoy wrapping red, white, and blue yarn around a toilet paper roll. Stars cut like paper dolls hang down to complete the windsock effect.

Fingerprint Flag Card fingerprint card craft

This American Flag card is a simple, but great craft especially for young children. Toddlers will be so proud of their American Flag and will be thrilled to give to mom or dad.

Patriotic Hair Decorations patriotic hair decorations

Make these cute patriotic hair decorations just in time for 4th of July. This special craft is definitely geared towards girls and they will have fun making this craft and then wearing it. We have a few different types for girls to choose from including directions for each.

Patriotic Pinwheels patriotic pinwheels

These patriotic pinwheels are are a great craft for 4th of July. These red, white and blue pinwheels make a fun item to play with when complete and they also make a nice decoration for this special holiday.

Stars and Stripes Tic-Tac-Toe 4th of july tic-tac-toe

Looking for a patriotic game to play? This homemade tic-tac-toe game featuring stars and stripes gives a perfect patriotic spin to this famous game. Use our simple template and instructions to make this 4th of July game for kids.

Uncle Sam Clothespin Magnet uncle sam craft

Make this Uncle Sam magnet craft using a clothespin and some other basic materials. This is a simple craft that kids will enjoy doing around the 4th of July holiday. Check out our pictures and simple craft instructions.

Firecracker Noisemaker Craft firecracker craft

This firecracker noisemaker craft is a fun one for kids of all ages. You end up with a cool noisemaker that is fun to play with and it even makes a cool party favor so the craft can be adapted to different situations.

4th of July Magnets 4th of july magnets craft

We made magnets in the form of U.S.A and an American Flag, but you could do anything you want. Kids will have fun making the salt dough used to craft the magnets and then they will enjoy painting them red, white and blue as well.

Hand Print Fireworks Craft handprint fireworks craft

Hand print cut-outs and glitter are all you need to make this festive fourth of July craft with your kids. This is a simple paper craft, so it's good for even toddlers to help make if you cut out all of the hand prints ahead of time. Add some glue and a whole lot of glitter and you have a great firework craft for the fourth of July.

Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Craft 4th of july fireworks craft

Turn a toilet paper roll and some streamers into a fun and simple firework craft for the Fourth of July! This cute kids craft is a fantastic homemade 4th of July decoration for your picnic or party and is even a fun toy for kids to run around the yard with.

Koosh Ball Fireworks Craft koosh ball fireworks craft

This cute firework craft for kids will have your child asking to make it again and again. Dip the squishy koosh ball in paint and then drop it onto black paper. The addition of a little glitter makes this craft sparkle, as a firework craft should. This is a great and unique fourth of July craft that kids will really love.

4th of July Wand 4th of july wand craft

We like to think of this great Fourth of July wand as a "sparkler" for younger children.  Our toddler daughter got frustrated last year when she couldn't hold a sparkler like a big kid, so we came up with this fun craft to give her something to wave and run around the yard with. At the end of the night, even the older kids wanted one.

4th of July Visor july 4th hat

Do your kids need an easy and inexpensive patriotic touch to wear to the local 4th of July parade?  This great 4th of July visor is the answer! This visor is a great craft for children of all ages - it is simple enough that the youngest toddler can make one (our 18 month old helped put the star stickers on the one shown here) but yet older children can make it as complex as they want.

Bald Eagle Craft bald eagle craft

The bald eagle is our national bird; a symbol of freedom and everything that 4th of July stands for. Our handprint eagle craft is a simple paper craft for kids so that they can make their very own eagle on the 4th of July. Even better, this craft uses your kids' handprints as wings, so it becomes a lasting keepsake from when they were very small. Simply print our template and glue the pieces together to make this fun 4th of July craft for kids.

4th of July Flower Pot independence day craft

This Fourth of July flower pot makes a great decoration for either your lawn or as a centerpiece filled with candy at a party. This craft is a great way to transform a regular clay pot into a fantastic patriotic piece.

4th of July Star Man kids 4th of july craft

Transform the red, white and blue into a fun 4th of July "Star Man". With long wavy arms and silly googly eyes he's sure to make anyone smile.  This is an easy craft made from materials that are usually on hand and even young children have fun helping with all the stars.

4th of July Wreath paper 4th of july wreath

Made from a paper plate, this patriotic 4th of July Wreath makes a great holiday decoration. A great craft for kids of all ages to help with, especially if you use pre-cut foam stars as we did. This wreath makes a great decoration for the door.

Foam American Flag kids american flag craft

A homemade American flag that your kids can wave alongside a 4th of July parade. This flag is made from craft foam so it's able to stand up to even "toddler-strength waving".  Make multiple flags to use as decoration around the house or yard or even for a party.

Sponge Paint Fireworks Flag kids fireworks craft

Oooh Ahh - Fireworks! Cut a sponge into a firework shape and use lots of glitter paint to let your little one create their own 4th of July night sky. This simple 4th of July craft was a huge hit in our house and our daughter wanted to make it again and again.

Paper American Flag kids flag craft

A fun paper American Flag craft. Making a simple American flag out of paper with your kids presents a great opportunity to teach them about the flag. Tell them how each stripe represents one of the original 13 colonies and how each star represents each state in the USA. This is a great way to make learning fun.

USA Magnets usa magnets craft

Have fun making these U.S.A magnets around 4th of July with your kids and then hang them on your refrigerator or any other place you like. Kids will enjoy decorating them and being patriotic. We have a simple template to go with this to make it even easier for you.

Red White and Blue Fan Craft red white and blue craft

On your way to a hot 4th of July celebration? Make our red white and blue fan craft to help keep you cool. This is a very simple fourth of July craft made with paint, a paper plate and a popsicle stick. Older kids will enjoy making the colors go in a pattern like a flag while even young kids will enjoy painting with the three colors. Add a little confetti for some sparkle and your 4th of July craft for kids is ready to go.

Printable 4th of July Coloring Pages

Want to have some fun coloring on the 4th of July? View and print any of our 4th of July coloring pages for Free! Below are just a few of our holiday coloring pages. To see more, click here

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4th of july coloring page fireworks coloring page
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