Pumpkins, candy, hayrides, and costumes! Halloween is such a great holiday to share with your children and we have yet to meet one that didn't love to do Halloween themed crafts to prepare for the big night! We have great ideas for decorations for your home, pumpkins made out of a variety of materials and even a haunted house made out of popsicle sticks! These Halloween crafts for kids will appeal to kids of all ages and, as always, we have made every one of them in our own home to ensure that they are child friendly and fun! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Trick-or-treat!

Kids Halloween Crafts

Candycorn Bat Craft candy corn bat craft

A favorite Halloween candy turns into a cute Halloween craft in this project. Children create a candy corn out of construction paper and then glue on wings and a face to create a friendly bat.

Handprint Ghost Craft handprint ghost craft

An easy and fun activity is creating crafts using your hands! This cute ghost can be created with very few materials and is a fun craft during the month of October when celebrating Halloween!

Q Tip Skeleton Craft q tip skeleton craft

Make a really cool looking skeleton using q tips! This simple and fun Halloween craft will be a hit with the kids and you only need a couple simple materials to do it.

Cotton Ball Ghost Craft cotton ball ghost craft

This cotton ball ghost craft is cute and simple and makes for a great preschool Halloween craft. You only need a few simple materials for this one and you can hang it up as a cute Halloween decoration when complete.

Handprint Monster Craft handprint monster craft

This fun handprint monster craft can be made by preschoolers during the Halloween season. It uses some green paint and your child's own hands for the face.

Chalk Ghost Tree Craft chalk ghost tree craft

Halloween is a marvelous time for fun and festive crafts and this chalk ghost craft is a cute and easy one that can be done with just a few materials.

3D Paper Pumpkin Craft 3d paper pumpkin craft

This unique 3D paper pumpkin craft is a fun activity to do in the fall or around Halloween. It is best for older preschool or kindergarten children as it requires advanced fine motor skills.

Handprint Bat Craft handprint bat craft

An easy and fun activity is creating crafts using your hands! This friendly bat can be created with very few materials and is a fun craft during the month of October when celebrating Halloween!

Paper Plate Witch Craft paper plate witch craft

This festive paper plate witch craft is fun to make at Halloween. You can definitely make these at home or in your preschool class and they make great decorations for the room.

Witches Hats Craft witches hat craft

Make your own unique witches hats. With some construction paper and just a few minutes, this project is ready for little fingers! Cut out the main pieces and watch as your kids assemble and decorate their own witch hat.

Halloween Mobile Craft halloween mobile craft

With just a few items you probably already have, create this fun Halloween mobile to display in your home. Your kids will have a "scary" time making the pieces for this project.

Floating Ghost Craft floating ghost craft

Need a cool ghost craft that for a Halloween decoration? If you have an old t-shirt and some glue than we have the perfect craft for you. This great t-shirt ghost craft looks fantastic hanging from a tree outside and your child is sure to enjoy creating it.

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Craft glowing pumpkin craft

Turn tissue paper into a beautiful sun catcher craft with this cute Halloween craft. This tissue paper pumpkin craft is easy enough for even young toddlers to do and it looks fantastic hanging in the window as a homemade Halloween decoration.

Witches Broom Craft witches broom craft

Invite witches to your door with these darling rustic witches brooms. With just a few materials, you'll be making brooms of all sizes!

Egg Carton Spider egg carton spider craft

Turn an egg carton cup into a spooky spider with this classic egg carton spider craft. This cute Halloween craft for preschoolers is easy to do and kids love it. Make a whole dozen of them to hang around the house to make cute Halloween decorations.

Lift Flap Haunted House haunted house craft

Make a lift-the-flap haunted house using paper and glue. Our printable template makes this cute Halloween craft even easier to do. Your kids will love finding all the Halloween creatures that are hiding in the haunted house.

Shape Monsters shapes monsters crafts

Monsters don't have to be spooky for Halloween - they can be funny, silly creatures (that are educational too)! Use our printable templates to make these fun paper crafts for Halloween even easier to do. Make just one shape monster craft to focus on a specific shape for your preschooler, or make all of them! We included a variety of shapes from simple circles to more complex octagons.

Footprint Ghost footprint ghost craft

Every now and then we do a craft that our daughter asks to do over and over again and this footprint ghost craft is one of them. This is a fantastic preschool Halloween craft for kids and it makes a wonderful way to capture how small your child's footprint is this year. This cute ghost craft makes a great homemade Halloween decoration as well.

Rice Skeleton Decorations rice skeleton craft

Children will love hanging their Rice Skeleton Decorations on windows, door knobs, and in their rooms. These spooky skeletons are made from rice, glue, black cardstock, and ribbon. This is a perfect craft for any elementary-aged children.

Pick-a-face Jack-o-lantern jack-o-lantern face craft

If you are looking for a great Halloween craft for a toddler or young preschooler, this jack-o-lantern craft is it! It is a simple paper craft with lots of choices to let kids create their very own jack-o-lantern with none of the mess of carving a real pumpkin.

Black Cat Craft black cat craft

Use black construction paper and our printable template to create this black cat craft for Halloween. This is a simple Halloween themed craft that really stands up on its own.

Homemade Trick-or-Treat Bags trick or treat bags craft

Have your kids make their own paper trick-or-treat bags! They can pick their favorite design and our provided template makes the rest of the craft that much easier. This is a great Halloween craft for kids and is sure to get them excited about the big Trick-or-Treat night coming up.

Lacing Spider Web spider web craft

This spider web craft is a great Halloween craft and also makes a good toddler craft because its a lacing activity. It is a fun way to encourage them to practice their fine motor skills and concentration and it makes a great Halloween decoration as well.

Paper Plate Pumpkin paper plate pumpkin craft

Here is a simple, but classic craft for kids during the Halloween season. This one is a good one for smaller children since its pretty simple, but its a fun one that allows kids to play with paint and take pride in their personally created paper plate pumpkin.

Jack-O-Lantern Toilet Paper Roll Craft toilet paper roll jack-o-lantern craft

Our Jack-o-lantern toilet paper roll craft is a great craft to make with your preschooler for Halloween. This cute Halloween craft is a great party favor as well.

Mummy Toilet Paper Roll Craft toilet paper roll mummy craft

Turn a toilet paper roll into a mummy with this easy Halloween craft for kids. You even fill this cute mummy craft with candy making it a great favor for a Halloween party.

5 Little Pumpkins Craft 5 little pumpkins craft

This cute and popular preschool Halloween song is even better when you have a craft to go along with it. Our five craft foam pumpkins sit on our popsicle stick gate till they roll out of sight. Our daughter loved making this cute Halloween craft and we hope your children will too.

Peek-a-BOO Craft peek a book ghost craft

We got this idea from our daughter! She was reading a book where a happy ghost popped out from behind a tree and said "boo". She told us the ghost was playing peek-a-boo, which led to this fun halloween craft for kids. The ghost (on a popsicle stick) pops up out of his decorated cup to say "boo!". This is a simple ghost craft made with fun, easy to use materials and is a perfect kids craft for Halloween.

Halloween Spider Craft halloween spider craft

This cute little guy is perfect for all your Halloween decorating. Make one or a bunch and hang them anywhere for the spooking season.

Popsicle Stick Haunted House Craft haunted house craft

This is a cool kids Halloween craft. It will require some popsicle sticks, glue, paint and some creativity. Kids can use their imagination when they make their very own haunted house! This craft is aimed at somewhat older children.

Frankenstein Candy Jar Craft frankenstein craft

Surprise your children, students, or classmates with the creepy Frankenstein Candy Jar. This fun craft allows children to create Frankenstein from a glass or plastic jar, paint, cardstock, and wiggly eyes. Once complete, these fun jars can be used to store Halloween candy or given as party favors!

Mummy Bookmark Craft kids mummy craft

Looking for an easy Halloween craft? Create your own Mummy Mark Bookmark from a Popsicle stick, white tissue paper, wiggly eyes, and glue. This simple craft is great for children of all ages, with little mess and few supplies, adults will love it too! The fun continues when the craft is done as children use the bookmarks for their favorite books!

Paper Plate Spider Craft paper plate spider craft

This paper plate spider craft is a wonderful toddler craft. Using simple materials, it is a great insect craft, decoration and even homemade toy for kids to play with. It is also a great Halloween craft for the younger set to make.

Glue Ghost glue ghost craft

Glue, glitter and googly eyes are all you need to make this cool glue ghost craft for kids. This is a great Halloween craft for kids that is fun and goopy to make and results in a great spooky decoration for your house.

Sand Jack O'Lantern sand jack-o-lantern craft

This sand jack-o-lantern craft is a great sensory Halloween craft to make with your kids. This craft easily appeals to children of all ages and is a blast to make. It would be a great activity for a Halloween party as well.

Bat Sock Puppet bat sock puppet craft

Your child will love this fun Halloween sock puppet bat craft. It is easy to make with a little felt, glue and a child-sized black sock. They will have lots of Halloween fun "flying" their sock puppet bat around the house.

Handprint Ghost Trick-or-Treat Bag handprint ghost bag

Have your child make their very own canvas bag for Trick-or-Treating with our handprint ghost trick-or-treat bag craft! They can turn their own handprint into a happy ghost and the addition of glow-in-the-dark paint makes this bag even more fun.

Handprint Spider Trick-or-Treat Bag handprint spider bag

Turn a plain canvas bag into a fun trick-or-treat bag using your child's handprints and a little paint. Your child's handprints turn into a cute spider, perfect for a halloween craft for kids.

Styrofoam Spider styrofoam spider craft

Our styrofoam spider craft is a great bug craft for kids! With all the great textures involved in this Styrofoam Spider your kids are sure to want to make one for themselves.  It makes a unique Halloween decoration and looks great set on a table or hung from a tree limb.

Pom-Pom Bat Craft kids bat craft

Turn a giant pom-pom into a bat with some felt, glue and our printable template. Pom-pom animals always go over well with our daughter, so we decided to make one with a little Halloween flair! This pom-pom bat makes a great kids Halloween craft.

Halloween Wreath halloween wreath craft

We love holiday wreath crafts for the amount of creativity kids can use when they create them.  Ghost with bow ties, pumpkins with hair -- the possibilities are endless! This Halloween craft is a simple one that kids will have fun creating.

Halloween Pumpkin Pot pumpkin pot craft

This cute Halloween pumpkin pot craft is a great family craft and a fun Halloween decoration! The materials are simple and it can easily be adapted to be personalized for each member in your family. This cute Halloween craft lets your kids create the best part of the jack-o-lantern (the face!) without creating all the pumpkin mess!

Spider Sock Puppet spider sock puppet craft

Turn a black sock into a spider craft that your child can play with using black felt and glue. This cute spider craft is perfect for Halloween and it makes a great puppet to use when singing the itsy bitsy spider.

Handprint Bat Craft handprint bat craft

As parents of a little girl who is growing up far too quickly, we love to find ways to incorporate handprints into our crafts so in a few years we can look back at them and the crafts will mean that much more to us. This handprint bat craft turns out very cute and makes a great Halloween decoration.

Paper Bag Jack-o-Lantern jack-o-lantern craft

This paper bag pumpkin craft is a great Halloween craft for kids. Fill the bag ahead of time with treats, tie it shut and turn it into a pumpkin with just a little bit of paint. This is a wonderful craft to make for a Halloween party as well.

Ghost Neighborhood Game ghost game

This is a fun game to play with everyone in your neighborhood. Start it early in October and see how many people you can "ghost" by Halloween! Our daughter was finally old enough this year to help us ghost our neighbors and she loved every minute of it. This game is a fantastic way to share this fun holiday with your neighbors and a great way to bring your neighborhood together.

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