Find tons of activities for kids including lots of printable activities like coloring pages, printable mazes, hidden pictures, dot-to-dot, color by numbers, kids games and lots more! Whether you are a parent looking for some free printable activities to do with your kids or you are a teacher looking for engaging educational activities for your classroom, this is the right place. Also make sure to check out our sections of kids crafts and kids worksheets.

Kids Printable Activities

Check out these fun printable activities for kids. We've got coloring pages, printable mazes, dot to dot, hidden pictures and color by numbers. All of these kids activities are totally free and easy to print out and do with your kids.

coloring pages

Coloring Pages

We have hundreds of coloring pages for you to choose from that include a wide variety of categories.
mazes for kids

Printable Mazes

Almost all kids love mazes and we have a nice collection of printable mazes ranging from easy to hard.
dot to dot

Dot to Dot

Connect the dots is a fun kids activity and helps children learn basic counting and alphabet skills.
hidden pictures

Hidden Pictures

Always a children's favorite, we have some free hidden pictures plus some great recommendations.
color by numbers

Color by Numbers

Combine the fun activity of coloring with some early math skills and you have our color by numbers section!
spot the difference

Spot the Difference

The pictures in these worksheets are almost the same - can you spot the differences?
spot the difference

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Can you spot all the things that are wrong in each picture?

Kids Games and Puzzles

Children will love some of these fun and entertaining kids games and puzzles. These games and puzzles make for great kids activities and most of them are easy to print out and use. We've got sudoku for kids, crossword puzzles, words search puzzles and even some fun optical illusions.

kids sudoku

Kids Sudoku

We have some simple sudoku puzzles that kids will enjoy during as they are learning their numbers.
crossword puzzles

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are a fun kids activity and we've got some fun ones to choose from.
optical illusions for kids

Optical Illusions

You and your kids will be amazed by these fun optical illusions. A couple of them, I couldn't even believe, so make sure to check them out!
word search

Word Search

Word search puzzles make a great kids activity. Check out this collection of themed word searches and find the words yourself.
scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Kids will have fun with this scavenger hunt. Follow the clues that lead kids to the hidden treasure!
hide and seek game

Hide and Seek Game

Print and cut out the game pieces and play this fun hide and seek puppy game which is a hit with kids.
alphabet activity

Alphabet Activity

Make letters on the floor and then have fun playing a variety of games while learning the alphabet!