From ladybug crafts to butterfly crafts, we have a bunch of creepy crawly crafts for kids! Most of our kids bug crafts use simple materials, that you probably already have on hand. We've included templates on all crafts where necessary to make them even easier to put together. As always, we've made all of these bug crafts in our own home (many with our own daughter) to ensure that they are fun and child-friendly. We hope you enjoy making our kids bug crafts with your children too!

Bug Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Bee Craft paper plate bee craft

This friendly bee is a cute craft to create when learning about bees. It is a two day project that looks adorable as a classroom decoration!

Paper Roll Bumble Bee Craft bumble bee craft

This friendly bumblebee craft is fun to make at the beginning of the year when learning the "bee" rules (be kind, be gentle, be a good listener, etc.) the letter B, or insects. When finished, this bee craft looks great hanging from a classroom ceiling or as a refrigerator magnet.

Handprint Butterfly Mosaic Craft handprint butterfly craft

Kids will enjoy making this handprint butterfly mosaic style craft. This colorful butterfly craft is a perfect project for spring or when learning about butterflies.

Pasta Butterfly Life Cycle Craft butterfly life cycle craft

This educational craft uses pasta to teach the stages of a butterfly! You can use this craft when you have real caterpillars in the classroom and are waiting for them to become butterflies.

Butterfly into Caterpillar Craft butterfly into caterpillar craft

This craft is perfect for a preschool class or to do at home. Kids will love creating this cute spring craft and waiting to see if their caterpillar has changed into a butterfly!

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft coffee filter butterfly craft

This is a classic children's craft that is a great spring craft and a great bug craft too! This cute butterfly craft is simple to make, with lots of opportunities for a child to personalize their creation. When the craft is done the butterfly can also be used as a cute puppet or prop and your child flies it around the house.

Letter I Inchworm Craft letter i inchworm craft

This inchworm craft is a perfect animal craft to make when learning about the Letter I. Our inchworm is easy to make using our provided template, construction paper and glue. Perfect for even young crafters, this alphabet craft is sure to hold their interest.

Glowing Firefly kids firefly craft

Check out this fun glow in the dark firefly craft! Kids are sure to love the end result of this one and they will love the process of making it too. When you are done, take it into a dark room and watch it glow just like a real firefly.

Paper Plate Ladybug kids ladybug craft

This little bug makes the perfect toddler or preschool craft. Transform three paper plates into a ladybug in a few simple steps. Our daughter loved making this ladybug craft (especially making the spots!) and we hope your child will too.

Bottle Cap Caterpillar Craft kids caterpillar craft

Recycle a few water bottle lids into a happy caterpillar with our easy bottle cap caterpillar craft. Simply color the bottle caps with a crayon and then glue them to a piece of paper. Add glitter, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners to finish your caterpillar craft. This is a great bug craft for kids to make.

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft kids butterfly craft

Turn a toilet paper roll into a cute butterfly that is able to stand up by itself! All you need is our printable template, some crayons and a little imagination. Glue the pieces together and you have a great insect craft for kids.

Styrofoam Spider kids spider craft

Turn a styrofoam ball into your very own itsy bitsy spider with our fun styrofoam spider craft! This bug craft uses fun materials and lots of paint so it's sure to catch your child's interest. In addition to making a fantastic kids bug craft, it would also make a great halloween craft.

Caterpillar Craft caterpillar craft for kids

This fuzzy caterpillar craft is a perfect toddler or preschool craft. Made from pom-poms and popsicle sticks, it's easy to make a whole family of these caterpillar crafts. They are also a great teaching tool to work on the concepts of big and small, color, and patterns. Our daughter loved this great bug craft.

Paper Inchworm inchworm craft for kids

If you are looking for a great preschool bug craft, our paper inchworm craft is the answer! All you need are a few paper strips, some scotch tape, googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make this very fun, simple kids craft. This is one of our favorite simple kids bug crafts.

Handprint Butterfly handprint butterfly craft

This handprint butterfly craft is a great craft to record your child's handprints so you can remember how small they once were long after they grow up. We love handprint crafts and do as many as we can come up with in our house. This bug craft would be great as a decoration or as a kids spring craft. This is a simple craft that can be adapted to many age ranges and abilities.

Paper Plate Spider Craft paper plate spider

Kids will enjoy making this spider from simple materials including two paper plates. This spider craft is great for toddlers and is even fun to play with when you are done.

Styrofoam Lovebug bug craft for kids

Who says all bug crafts have to look like real bugs! Our styrofoam lovebug craft is a great craft to let your children's imagination take off. Help them create their own insects using our bug craft as a guide. If you stick with our design, this lovebug is a great Valentine's Day craft as well.

Bubble Wrap Beehive Craft beehive craft

Bubble wrap, paint and our provided template make it easy to put together this cute summer kids craft. The bubble wrap is a wonderful stamp that gives the beehive a fun look. The addition of fingerprint bees makes this summer craft even better.

Heart Bee Craft heart bee craft

Make this really cute heart bee craft with the help of our printable template and some basic craft materials. This craft is simple to do with kids and also makes a cute "Bee Mine" Valentine's Day craft.

Paper Plate Spider Web kids spider web craft

Our paper plate spider web craft is a twist on the typical bug craft for kids. Help your children spin their own spider web made from yarn and a paper plate, and then draw on some spiders as well. This bug craft makes a great preschool craft, as well as a fun way to incorporate a fun nature lesson into your crafting.

Folding Paper Butterfly butterfly craft for kids

To make our folding paper butterfly craft, print and cut out our butterfly template, fold it in half and have your child paint a design - the goopier the better! Then just fold the unpainted side over the painted side and press together to create a perfectly symmetrical butterfly and a great kids bug craft! Our daughter loved this one.

Heart Butterfly heart butterfly craft

Our heart butterfly is a great preschool craft. Turn hearts of various sizes into a smiling butterfly. We've found that it's almost impossible to make just one of these heart butterfly crafts - our daughter is a huge fan of paper crafts and we ended up making a whole little family of butterflies. This bug craft also makes a great Valentine's Day craft.

Tissue Paper Butterfly kids butterfly craft

This tissue paper butterfly craft is an incredibly simple bug craft for kids to make, so we suggest making many of them in a lot of different colors to decorate your home.

Bug Worksheets for Kids bug worksheets for kids

Check out our collection of free printable bug worksheets for kids. We've created a whole set of kids bug worksheets to go along with this collection of kids bug crafts. This set of printables includes worksheets designed to work on early spelling skills, math skills and more.