Birds are a very popular animal with kids and we have a nice selection of kids bird crafts for you to choose from. All of the bird crafts below include instructions and pictures and templates where needed. They are fun and kids tested and approved as we have done them all in our own home and only included the ones that worked out well and our daughter really liked. This collection of bird crafts for kids includes lots of different birds including kid favorites like peacocks, penguins, turkeys, hummingbirds, owls, robins and more so we hope you enjoy.

Bird Crafts for Kids

Birds in Their Nest birds in nest craft

This adorable birds in their nest craft will be a hit with kids especially around the spring season. Paint a paper plate, cut strips of constructions paper and use some plastic eggs to make this cute craft.

Peacock Craft peacock craft

Peacocks are fascinating birds and young children are drawn to their bold bright colored feathers. Sparkly paint and sequins make this bird craft exciting for young children and the finished peacock craft looks fantastic hanging up on the fridge.

Owl Craft owl craft

By using our provided template, your child can make this simple owl craft. This is a great craft to work on gluing skills and following directions and the owl turns out cute every time. Our owl craft is a simple bird craft for kids.

Cardinal Craft cardinal craft

This pretty cardinal craft is fun to make when learning about birds or the color red. It is a simple project that is made from cardstock, construction paper and feathers. When finished, it really brightens up a winter classroom bulletin board.

Bald Eagle Craft bald eagle craft

The bald eagle is our national bird and a symbol of freedom. Our handprint eagle craft is a simple paper craft for kids. Even better, this craft uses your kids' handprints as wings, so it becomes a lasting keepsake from when they were very small. Simply print our template and glue the pieces together to make this fun craft.

Spring Birdhouse Craft birdhouse craft

Kids will enjoy making this simple, but cute, birdhouse craft during the spring season. This birdhouse craft also makes a cute gift for Mother's Day.

Pom Pom Bird Craft pom pom bird craft

Make a couple cute birds from pom poms along with their nest. This adorable craft is perfect for the spring season or while learning about birds.

Popsicle Stick Chick Magnet Craft popsicle stick chick craft

In our preschool class, we get live chick eggs every spring. There is a great excitement when the eggs hatch! We combine this activity with learning all about chicks. Our art activity for our chicks unit is this popsicle stick chick magnet craft. All of the students' chicks look adorable on our file cabinet.

Hummingbird Craft hummingbird craft

Hummingbirds are always a child favorite with their beautiful shiny colors and quick movements. Use our provided template and some finger paint to make your very own hummingbird craft for kids. This cute bird craft is a great nature craft to do with your child and looks beautiful hanging on the window.

Baby Birds in Nest bird nest craft

This bird craft involves making a nest with hatching baby birds. All you need is a paper plate, tissue paper and construction paper and we've included a template to make it even easier. This simple craft was a big hit with our daughter since she loves any baby animals.

Bird with Feathers bird craft

Feathers set birds apart from the other animals, so we decided to include some on our cute red bird craft. Glue some feathers onto your movable wings so that the bird can fly! This is a simple bird craft that even young children can handle, and our included template makes it even easier.

Robin Craft robin craft

Make this cute and simple paper robin craft with your children. We have a template that you can use to make the different pieces. All you will really need is some construction paper, paste (or glue) and some scissors to make this fun bird craft. Another simple bird craft for kids.

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey kids turkey craft

This toilet paper roll turkey is a simple, but really cute turkey craft. Kids will enjoy cutting out the different color feathers of construction paper and putting the turkey together. We made this one at Thanksgiving, but its a great bird craft any time of the year.

Bird Seed Bird Craft bird seed craft

Turn a lot of glue and birdseed into a bird picture using our provided bird template. Simply trace the template onto construction paper and fill in the outline with glue. Then have your child add as much birdseed as possible to cover the glue. When you dump the extra birdseed away your children will be thrilled at the bird picture revealed with this fun birdseed bird craft.

Footprint Penguin penguin craft

Penguins are definitely our daughter's favorite bird and that's why we made this footprint penguin bird craft. The body of the penguin is made by tracing her foot so I plan to keep making footprint penguins every year to watch how my own little penguin has grown.

Baby Chick Craft baby chick craft

Check out this baby chick craft made from styrofoam and pipe cleaners. It's easy to do and uses many different textures which is great for keeping children engaged.

Peek-A-Boo Chick

Watch the baby chick hatch out of the egg in this peek-a-boo chick craft! This craft is a tried and true kid favorite and we've made it easier (with our included template) and sturdier (using craft foam) than before.

Baby Chick Basket

This cute chick craft is made from a paper plate and a few construction paper additions and goes together quickly and is a big hit. This chick paper plate basket craft is makes a unique basket for kids and we made this around Easter.

Foam Egg Chick

Turn a foam egg into a baby chick! Add some wings, feet and a beak and your cute foam egg chick is complete. We've included a template to make this foam egg chick craft even easier to put together.

Styrofoam Penguin styrofoam penguin craft

This penguin is made with a styrofoam body and makes a fun bird craft for kids. This craft is intricate enough to keep older children engaged, but can also be adapted with a bit of prep work for younger children as well.

Handprint Chicken Craft handprint chicken craft

Use your child's handprints to create this fun chicken craft! Their handprints become the wings and the comb for this paper plate chicken craft.

Shape Duck Craft kids duck craft

This duck craft uses simple shapes and size comparisons that are perfect for a preschool craft. Work on the concepts of big, bigger, and biggest while you create this adorable duck craft with your child. Our printable template makes this bird craft that much easier to do.

Pom-Pom Chicks Craft baby chicks craft

Make these cute baby chicks with yellow pom-poms and a few other simple materials. These baby chicks make great bird crafts for kids. Our daughter had fun helping to make them and then really loved playing with them afterwards.

Handprint Turkey handprint turkey craft

This adorable handprint turkey is one of our all-time favorite Thanksgiving crafts. The turkey is made by using your child's footprint as the turkey's body and your child's handprints as it's feathers. This is a great, easy craft for children of all ages.

Paper Plate Turkey thanksgiving craft for kids

This paper plate turkey craft uses a small paper plate, some construction paper and paint. This turkey is simple enough for even young children, but can be altered to keep the attention of an older child by letting them add some fun accessories.

Paper Turkey Craft paper turkey craft

Here is a simple paper turkey craft and you can use our provided template to makes this bird craft even easier to do. This turkey is made entirely from paper and glue, so it's an easy craft to throw together anytime.

Thanksgiving Styrofoam Turkey styrofoam turkey craft

This turkey craft is definitely unique and makes a fantastic Thanksgiving decoration! The different textures of the styrofoam egg and the pipe cleaners are great for keeping your children's attention. This is a great craft for older children, as younger children don't usually have the patience and ability to deal with the pipe cleaners.

Painted Handprint Turkey paint handprint turkey craft

This handprint turkey craft is a classic turkey craft, and our daughter showed us that this old craft is still a good one. This turkey handprint craft is a simple craft for kids of all ages.