It's time once again to break out all of the green craft supplies in your house for some fun St. Patrick's Day crafts! From Leprechaun crafts to a funny character made out of shamrocks, we have some great ones to get your little ones in the Irish spirit. We hope you try them out as well as some of our printable worksheets and coloring pages to fit the theme. So on this St. Patrick's Day, dress up in our Leprechaun hat, necklace and shamrock pin and have fun hunting for Leprechauns.

Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft tissue paper rainbow craft

This colorful tissue paper rainbow craft is a fun activity to create when learning about St. Patrick’s Day. Children glue tissue paper that are the colors of the rainbow onto cardstock. They finish by adding a pot of gold and some cottonball clouds to their rainbow.

Photo Leprechaun Craft photo leprechaun craft

Your child becomes a leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day in this cute paper plate leprechaun hat craft. Children make a paper hat from the template provided and an orange beard from a painted paper plate. After adding a picture of themselves, you have an adorable little leprechaun!

Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft paper plate leprechaun craft

This fun paper plate Leprechaun is a great St. Patrick's Day craft for kids. Made with simple materials you probably already have on hand, this leprechaun craft is a great craft for working on beginning cutting and pasting skills for little ones. He also makes a great St. Patrick's Day decoration.

Paper Leprechaun Hat paper leprechaun hat

This paper leprechaun hat is a great craft to make with your kids. As you make it you can tell them a story about leprechauns and go on a leprechaun hunt wearing your paper leprechaun hat or play a great game of tag with one kid wearing the hat to be the leprechaun and everyone trying to catch him.

Leprechaun Hat Craft leprechaun hat craft

When making this leprechaun hat craft, children use the templates provided to trace the hat and pieces. After cutting and gluing them on, children can wear their new hats to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Glitter Pot of Gold glitter pot of gold craft

Since all you need to make this St. Patrick's Day craft is lots of glue and lots of glitter, this craft has huge kid appeal. Our pot of gold template makes this simple craft even easier to do and the end result is a great St. Patrick's Day decoration.

Pot of Gold Rainbow Craft pot of gold rainbow craft

Children use bingo dotters to make this colorful pot of gold rainbow craft. A pot of gold is made from black construction paper and gold glitter stickers. Fiberfill is used for the clouds. These rainbows look very festive on a St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board!

Circle Rainbow Craft rainbow craft

Turn a circle of color into a beautiful two sided rainbow just in time for St. Patrick's Day. This cute rainbow craft for kids lets preschoolers sort by size and shows them that things aren't always what they appear at first.

St. Patrick's Day Man St. Patrick's Day Man

Our St. Patrick's day man craft is a great way to turn simple shamrocks into something unique and fun. This happy guy makes a fantastic decoration for your front door and is a great craft for kids of all ages to do.

Fruit Loops Rainbow Craft toddler rainbow craft

Use Fruit Loops and glue to make this unique cereal rainbow craft for kids. Your kids will love making this rainbow craft using a fun new material and they'll love snacking along the way. This is a fantastic St. Patrick's Day craft for kids as well.

Leaping Leprechaun Craft leaping leprechaun craft

Can you catch our leprechaun? Watch him jump out of his pot of gold over and over again! This cute leprechaun craft is a great St. Patrick's Day craft and activity to make wit your kids. Our provided templates make this cute kids craft even easier to do.

Green Rice Shamrock Craft green rice shamrock craft

Dyed green rice and glue combine in this shamrock craft to make a fantastic St. Patrick's Day craft for kids. Full of fun textures and new materials, this shamrock craft is sure to be a big hit in your house too. Our provided shamrock template makes this great preschool St. Patrick's Day craft even easier to do. Make extra rice so you can make this one again and again.

Paper Plate Shamrock Hat Craft shamrock hat craft

If you have some inexpensive paper plates then you have just about everything you need for a last minute St. Patrick's day craft for your kids. Just use the template provided and some paint and you can create this fun hat with little effort.

Leprechaun Craft leprechaun craft

Just using a paper cup and a few other materials you can make this cute Leprechaun Craft. Children will love the little pipe cleaner hands and beard. What a fun little guy to keep around.

Rainbow with Gold Mobile Craft gold at the end of the rainbow craft

This uniquely shaped St. Patrick's Day mobile is made using an embroidery hoop and common household materials. The rainbow sits on a circular cotton cloud and you will find "gold at the end of the rainbow" twirling below, glistening in the light.

Water Rainbow Craft water rainbow craft

This rainbow craft is a good one around St. Patrick's Day and kids really get a kick out of it. Children get to mix different colors of water together to make the different colors of the rainbow. Yellow and blue make green. Blue and red make purple. You know how it goes and now your kids get to have some fun with it too! All you need is some water, glasses and a little food coloring.

Paper Leprechaun Craft paper leprechaun craft

Finally a leprechaun you can catch! This leprechaun craft is a great St. Patrick's Day craft for kids and it's a fantastic preschool craft. Our printable template makes putting this cute craft together even easier.

Shamrock Tree Craft shamrock tree craft

This is a simple St. Patrick's Day craft for kids using pre-cut craft foam shamrocks. Turn the shamrocks into the leaves on this cute tree�it just maybe where the leprechauns are hiding! This is a simple St. Patrick's Day craft that even very young children can do.

Tissue Paper Shamrock Craft tissue paper shamrock craft

Use tissue paper and contact paper to make this homemade St. Patrick's Day decoration. When you are finished, hang this cute shamrock in your window and let the light make the whole craft appear to glow. This is a great St. Patrick's Day craft for children of all ages.

Bell Pepper Shamrock Craft Bell Pepper Shamrock

You can find shamrocks everywhere if you just look hard enough! Cut a green pepper in half and dip it in some green paint to do this great bell pepper shamrock craft. This is a fantastic preschool St. Patrick's day craft for kids. If you're extra lucky you may just find a four leaf clover hiding in your pepper.

Paper Pot of Gold Paper Pot of Gold

Check out this pot of gold craft which is a fun one on St. Patrick's Day. Our paper pot of gold is a great craft for younger children because they can help glue together all of the parts. This is also a great craft to make with our paper leprechaun hat craft - you can hide the gold and let your little leprechauns find it!   

St. Patrick's Day Pasta Necklace St. Patrick's Day necklace

This pasta necklace is a great wearable craft for St. Patrick's Day! Made with pasta that you dye yourself, your kids can use their imaginations to create a unique necklace with a fun material! This St. Patrick's day craft is a great craft for preschoolers, and with our adaptations even our 2 year old daughter was able to make one!

St. Patrick's Day Picture Frame St. Patrick's Day frame

Do you have a favorite picture from St. Patrick's Day activities or parties? This is the perfect craft to display it! Made from simple unpainted wooden pieces and a little paint and glitter, this frame makes a great St. Patrick's Day craft for kids. Because this craft is a little more detailed, it's more suitable for a slightly older child.

Shamrock Pom-Pom Pin shamrock pom pom pin

This Shamrock pom-pom pin is an easy St. Patrick's day craft. Made from craft foam shaped following our printable template and a few green pom-poms this craft comes together quickly. Make one for every member of your family or class.

Shamrock Snake Craft shamrock pom pom pin

Make a snake out of paper shamrocks! Use our provided template to make a cute shamrock snake craft for St. Patrick's Day. This is a simple St. Patrick's Day paper craft that is good for even young children.

Paper Plate Shamrock paper plate shamrock

Make a giant shamrock out of paper plates to celebrate St. Patrick's day. This is a pretty easy craft for kids and doesn't require a lot of preparation and you can choose how big you want it to be! This is a great St. Patrick's day craft for kids because it uses a lot of green paint and glue.

Finger Paint Shamrock finger paint shamrock

This finger print shamrock craft is a wonderful toddler craft for St. Patrick's Day. Print a shamrock using our template, add some yellow and blue finger paint and by the magic of Leprechauns your shamrock will turn green! This is a fun kids craft, that even teaches a fun lesson about colors. Our two year old daughter loved this one.

Free St. Patrick's Worksheets

Check out our collection of free printable St. Patrick's Day worksheets designed to help kids learn a variety of skills.

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Printable St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages

Below are some of our St. Patrick's Day coloring pages. Click on any of the images below to view larger printable version.

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