Our daughter loves playing with dyed pasta and rice. She especially likes making pictures with them, so for a St. Patrick's Day craft we made dyed rice shamrocks. All you need to do is to trace our shamrock template onto a piece of paper, fill in the shamrock outline with white glue and have your child cover it with rice. Once they have the whole paper covered with rice, dump off the extra to reveal the "magic picture" underneath. Because, after all, St. Patrick's Day is all about magic! This St. Patrick's Day craft is a great texture craft and is perfect for young children to make "all by themselves".

What you'll need:

  • Dyed Green Rice (use our dyed pasta instructions - works the same for rice)
  • White glue (a glue stick won't work here)
  • Shamrock template
  • White construction paper, poster board or lightweight cardboard
How to make your Green Rice Shamrock Craft
  1. Print our Shamrock template and cut it out. Trace it onto a piece of white construction paper or poster board. Slightly heavier weight paper (like construction paper tends to hold up better than printer paper for this craft).
  2. Use craft glue to fill in the shamrock template. Have your kids spread the glue around in a nice even layer with their fingers.
  3. Put the rice onto the glue. Make sure everything gets covered well - staying in the lines is definitely NOT required! Once the whole shamrock is covered, push down on the rice a bit to make sure it is stuck to the glue.
  4. Dump the excess rice off the picture and back into the bowl to reveal your shamrock!
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