Check out our collection of pond themed crafts. You can pick and of these pond crafts to do on its own or make a whole pond like we did! Our kids just loved making each of these crafts including a duck, frog, turtle, dragon flies, cattails and more over the course of the week. We made the pond and added each animal when complete which the kids just loved. You can see the result - a living pond when complete.

Kids Pond Crafts

Paper Bag Frog Puppet Craft frog puppet craft

Turn a green paper bag into a fun frog with this paper bag frog puppet craft. Add some construction paper arms and legs, giant googly eyes and a curled, long paper tongue and you have a cute frog craft that any child will love to play with.

Sun Catcher Turtle Craft sun catcher turtle craft

Our sun catcher turtle craft is a simple craft to put together that looks amazing when complete and is so much fun to make. Using tissue paper and contact paper gives the turtle's shell a "stained glass" effect, making it look great when hung on a window. Best of all there is no right or wrong way to do this craft! Your kids get to just stick on the tissue paper squares wherever and however they would like; making it ideal for even young toddlers while older children can focus on a pattern.

Dragonfly Craft dragonfly craft

Our dragonfly craft is a great craft to make for a lesson about pond life or about really cool insects. Using sparkly paper and a little glue, your child can create a dragonfly of their own. Our daughter liked her first dragonfly craft so much she decided she needed to make a second!

Cattails Craft cattails craft

Cattails are a great craft to make to go along with a lesson on ponds or plants. We used felt to make them plants to mimic the fuzzy feeling of them in the wild. This cattails craft doesn't take much time to make, so it is perfect to make along with a lily pad, frog or pond craft as well.

Letter D Duck Craft letter d duck craft

D is for duck, and in this cute alphabet craft, the D IS the duck! Use our template to turn a letter D into a duck by adding a few simple paper shapes and a couple googly eyes. This cute duck craft is perfect for a letter of the week craft, a pond craft, bird craft or even a farm craft.

Jumpy Frog Craft jumpy frog craft

This cute jumpy frog craft was an instant hit in our house. This cute frog, a perfect pond craft, is a snap to make with your kids and also works on shape identification as well. The end result is a fun frog craft with bendy arms and legs, perfect for dancing around the pond.

Frog Hat Craft frog hat craft

This cute frog hat craft couldn't get easier to make, which is good because we have had to make one for every member of the family to wear! Our kids love pretending to be frogs with their cute frog hat crafts on, and this craft pairs perfectly with our Lily Pad Game as well.

Lily Pad Game lily pad counting game

Did you know frogs know how to count and recognize numbers too? Well, our little "frogs" do! This lily pad game was a snap to make and the game possibilities with it our endless. All you need is a Sharpie brand marker and a few sheets of green craft foam and you can make a whole pond full of lily pads ready to teach your kids.

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