The fun in creating robot crafts is that once you have a few ideas in place, you can apply them over and over again regardless of materials to create a robot - because there is no wrong way to make a robot! This is our section dedicated to kids robot crafts. Are your kids into robots at all? If they are, then they will enjoy our collection of robot crafts for kids to make that we tried to keep simple and fun. You can take any of our ideas and let your kids use some of their imagination to make their own.

Kids Robots Crafts

Recycled Robot Craft recycle robot craft

Use recyclable materials to make this robot. We used an empty country time lemonade container along with some used aluminum foil to make this robot craft, but you can use any type of container.

Paper Robot Craft paper robot craft

Make this simple paper robot with your kids and let them use their imagination to build on our simple directions. We have two templates to go with this one that you can use to print out and cut out the pieces.

Robot Costume Craft robot costume

This robot costume craft is a fantastic kids craft that works well with kids of all ages. Use a simple cardboard base and transform it into your child's very own robot control board that they can wear and play pretend in.

Styrofoam Robot Craft styrofoam robot

This kids robot craft is made from a couple blocks of styrofoam. Paint the blocks and put them together and then add the gadgets thar you feel work to make this fun kids robot craft.

Can Cooler Robot toddler robot craft

This is an awesome robot craft for toddlers. Make a robot using a can cooler and a few other accessories. This is a simple and fun robot craft that any child will love.

Egg Carton Robot egg carton robot

Make this robot using an empty toilet paper roll, a couple pieces of an egg carton, construction paper and some paint. We think this robot is pretty cute and so did our daughter who chose the color green for this craft (its her favorite), but you can choose whatever color you like.