Check out our selection of kids farm themed crafts. We have a variety of kids farm crafts ranging from a barn craft and farmer craft to all the favorite farm animals. Our daughter had a great time helping with these crafts and we know your kids will love them too!

Farm Crafts for Kids

Craft Stick Barn craft stick barn

This bright red craft stick barn craft is fun to make in the fall or when learning about farms. Children glue red craft sticks to a foam barn and then add some fall foam stickers to complete the scene. It is a very easy craft that requires just a little time and a few materials.

Dirty Piggy Craft dirty pig craft

Normally, blowing bubbles with a drinking straw is off-limits for kids. Not this time! In fact, that's half the thrill of making these bubbly prints. This process is so fun and unique. Just add some brown paint and your little pig will look like he's been playing in the mud.

Piggy Bank Craft piggy bank counting craft

Our piggy bank craft is the perfect teaching tool to make for young children. With large "coins" made from drink bottle lids, this counting craft teaches kids to count from 1-10, to recognize numbers and it works on fine motor skills as they try to get the coin into the piggy bank. This piggy bank craft is also great because you can customize it to the level of your child and easily change it as they advance. Plus, it is awfully cute!

Peek-a-boo Barn Craft peek-a-boo barn craft

Color and cut out the animals from our printable template and glue them all around your handmade barn in this fun farm craft! Paper, glue and crayons are all you need to make this adorable barn craft and it can be adapted for even young children to complete.

Footprint Horse Craft kids horse craft

This horse craft is a fantastic farm animal craft made from your child's footprint! It is a fun craft that offers ways for your preschooler to practice their cutting skills as well. Our footprint horse craft is a great paper craft, so you most likely have all the materials needed. Our daughter loved this horse craft and we hope your children do as well.

Sheep Craft sheep craft

Our cotton ball sheep craft is a great preschool farm craft. Using our printable template and a fun material (cotton balls!), you and your child can create a fuzzy sheep. This farm craft is easy to do and your kids will love it.

Pig Craft pig craft

And on the farm there was a pig e-i-e-i-o! This fun pig craft is made from craft foam and a pipe cleaner and our daughter had a lot of fun putting her pig together. With a little prep work even young children can put this fun farm craft together.

Handprint Chicken Craft handprint chicken craft

Use your child's handprints to create this fun chicken craft! Their handprints become the wings and the comb for this paper plate chicken craft, which is a great farm craft for your preschooler.

Paper Plate Cow Craft cow craft

Turn a paper plate into a cow with the help of our printable templates (and a little bit of glue). This cute cow craft is a great farm craft to make with your preschooler.

Muddy Pig Craft kids pig craft

This pig craft is a simple farm animal craft, but one that all kids love. Our provided template makes it easy to do this craft again and again. Simply print out the pig template and let your child sponge paint the "mud" onto their pig!

Shape Duck Craft kids duck craft

This duck craft uses simple shapes and size comparisons that are perfect for a preschool craft. Work on the concepts of big, bigger, and biggest while you create this adorable duck craft with your child. Our printable template makes this farm craft that much easier to do.

Pom-Pom Chicks Craft baby chicks craft

Make these cute baby chicks with yellow pom-poms and a few other simple materials. These baby chicks make a great farm animals craft for kids. Our daughter had fun helping to make them and then really loved playing with them afterwards.

Farmer Craft farmer craft

This great preschool farm craft turns your child into a farmer! This is a simple craft that is big on imagination and fun. Use our printable farmer template to make this great farmer craft even easier to do with your children.

Tractor Craft kids tractor craft

No farm is complete without a tractor, and this tractor craft is fun and easy to make. Turn the letter "T" into a tractor using our printable template and a little glue. This tractor craft makes a great farm craft or transportation craft and is a great craft to use when teaching alphabet sounds.

Cat Craft cat craft

Use paper and our printable template to create this cute barn cat craft. This is a simple farm craft that really stands up on its own.

Paper Bag Puppet Dog Craft dog craft

Make a cute dog puppet craft out of a paper bag! Your child will love making a farm craft they can play with and you'll love how simple this dog craft is to put together.

Styrofoam Mouse Craft mouse craft

No set of farm crafts is complete without a few cute styrofoam mice living in the barn! This is a fun farm craft that uses a different material, but this mouse craft is much better suited to an older child (younger children will just get frustrated as they won't be able to do much of it by themselves).

Foam Chick Craft chick craft

Turn a some craft foam into a baby chick! Add some wings, feet and a beak using our basic template and you'll have a fun chick craft. We've included a template to make this craft easy to put together. It makes a great preschool farm animal craft for your kids.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft turkey craft

This paper plate turkey craft uses a small paper plate, some construction paper and paint to make an adorable farm animal craft. This turkey is simple enough for even young children, but can be altered to keep the attention of an older child by letting them add some fun accessories (let your kids use their imaginations).