Check out our collection of space crafts for kids. We have a variety of simple and fun space crafts that kids will have fun doing and make sure a great introduction to teaching kids about space. We have crafts for the moon, astronauts, spaceships, aliens and more. These kids space crafts will really get the imagination going and children will have fun learning about space while doing them.

Kids Space Crafts

Alien Craft alien craft

Making an alien craft is a fantastic way to watch your child's imagination at work. Have them design their own alien (and marvel at what they come up with). Then use any materials you have on hand to make their creation. This is a fantastic space craft for kids.

Moon Craft moon craft

The moon is not smooth, so a moon craft shouldn't be either! This is the perfect opportunity to break out the homemade puffy paint. Shaving cream, glue and a paper circle are all you need to create this wonderful moon craft.

Earth Craft earth craft

This earth craft is loads of fun. With just a few simple ingredients you can whip up your own puffy paint and marvel at the neat texture it leaves when it dries. Use your fingers or a paint brush, whichever you prefer!

Constellation Craft constellation craft

Connect the stars to create fun pictures with your children in this simple constellation craft. This space craft can be as simple or as complex as you would like. You can draw a picture with a white crayon on black paper and then add the stars to it, or you can put the stars in the shape of a picture and have your child connect them. Either way, this star craft for kids is a lot of fun.

Flying Saucer Craft flying saucer craft

A paper plate, recycled plastic container and some beads or sequins are all you need to create a simple flying saucer craft for kids. This space craft for kids lets kids use their imagination as they create button and lights on their very own flying saucer.

Astronaut Helmet Craft astronaut helmet craft

5-4-3-2-1-Blast off! Your child will have a blast pretending to be an astronaut with their very own astronaut helmet craft. Simply print our template and let your child decorate the helmet with stickers, markers, or anything else. This is a simple space craft for kids that they are sure to enjoy.