Check out our set of shape crafts for kids.  We have a bunch to choose from and they will all get kids thinking and learning to recognize different shapes.  Some of them come with printable templates and they are all fun and sure to be a hit with your kids.

Shape Crafts

Shape Flower Craft shape flowers craft

Use your imagination to think up fun shape combinations to create your own shape flower craft! All you need is construction paper, scissors and glue to make this fun shape craft for kids. A good spring craft as well, this flower craft for kids is a great way to help younger kids learn their shapes.

Rotating Shape Cards rotating shape cards craft

Teach your young child about different shapes in a hands-on way. Construct the Rotating Shapes Card craft together and then have your child decorate the cards. Once complete, children will have a set of rotating shape cards that provide the name of the shape and let the child have fun spinning the shapes around!

Shape Monster Crafts shape monsters craft

Monsters don't have to be spooky for Halloween - they can be funny, silly creatures (that are educational too)! Use our printable templates to make these fun paper crafts for Halloween even easier to do. Make just one shape monster craft to focus on a specific shape for your preschooler, or make all of them! We included a variety of shapes from simple circles to more complex octagons.

Shape-A-Saurus Craft shape dinosaur craft

When you combine eight different shapes together to construct a dinosaur, you create a Shape-A-Saurus! Use our provided template, construction paper and glue to teach your children their shapes while making this fantastic preschool dinosaur craft.

Shape Train Craft shape train craft

Make your own Shape Train Express and delight in learning a variety of common shapes. This colorful craft uses felt, glue, Velcro, and scissors to craft a fun train. Once complete, toddlers will be able to line the train up and attach the cars in any order they desire. As they play, watch them begin to identify common shapes!

Shape Polar Bear Craft shape polar bear craft

Turn circles, squares and ovals into a polar bear with this cute winter craft for kids. Our provided template makes this polar bear craft easy to do with toddlers and preschoolers and is a great way to spend a cold winter afternoon. Make sure to accessorize your polar bear to make this great winter craft even more fun for your kids to do.

Shape Dolls Craft shape dolls craft

Clean out your junk drawer and make a cute craft with the Junk Drawer Shape Dolls. These adorable dolls use common objects such as game pieces, old pieces of cardboard and a variety of other junk drawer treasures to make one of a kind shape dolls your toddler will treasure.

Oval Penguin Craft oval penguin craft

Make a penguin out of ovals and triangles! This is a simple paper craft for kids that teaches them about shapes as well. This cute penguin craft is a great winter craft for kids and is perfect for even younger children.

Stained Glass Shape Decorations stained glass shape decorations

Let everyone admire your window with the Stained Glass Shape Decorations craft. This easy-to-make craft uses black cardstock, colored tissue paper, chalk, glue, and scissors to make a one-of-a-kind window decoration. Once complete, children will love looking at the beautiful patterns!

Creepy, Crawly Snake Shapes shape snakes craft

Let preschoolers practice identifying their shapes while making their very own snakes in the Creepy, Crawly Snake Shapes craft. This fun craft uses pasta, straws, pipe cleaners, and colored cardstock to make unique shape creatures. Once complete, you will find these fun creatures roaming throughout your house!

Milk Carton Shape Mobile milk carton shape mobile

Learn basic shapes while crafting the Milk Carton Shape Mobile. This craft uses a milk carton, colored cardstock, yarn, a hole punch, and markers to make a bright mobile perfect for hanging in your child’s room. Not only will children have fun making this simple craft, but they will be able to practice identifying their shapes with it!

Geometric Wreath shapes wreath craft

Looking for a fun way to decorate your child’s door? Make the Geometric Wreath and you will not only have an adorable door hanger, but also will teach your youngster his or her shapes. Make your own wreath from colored cardstock, ribbon, scissors, and markers!

Funny Shape Faces shape faces craft

Your child will love making different faces with squares, circles, triangles, and a variety of other shapes with the Funny Felt Faces craft. This fun craft allows children to make expressive faces while learning about shapes. Make your own funny faces with felt and scissors.

Egg-citing Shape Match egg carton shape match craft

Toddlers and preschoolers will have a blast not only making the Egg-citing Shape Match game, but also playing it! Make your own game from an egg carton container, clothespins, markers, and scissors. Once complete, see how many shapes your child can match without your help!

Button Up Shape Shirt Decorations button up shape craft

Looking for a fun and easy way to spruce up a boring white button up shirt? Try the Button Up Shape Shirt Decorations Craft. This craft is great for children of all ages and can help youngsters learn their shapes. Constructed from a template, felt, and scissors, this easy craft is sure to be a success! Once complete, children can decorate their shirts to match the rest of their outfit!