Help kids learn their numbers while having fun with these number crafts. We have a nice variety to choose from so there is sure to be something perfect for your children or classroom. Whether your kids need a little help counting their fingers or they are ready to play with some homemade dominoes, these number crafts are the perfect way to get your kids learning their numbers while having some fun!

Kids Number Crafts

Daisy Petal Math Craft daisy petal math craft

If you're looking for a counting craft that can be fun and seasonal, then this daisy petal counting craft might be perfect for you! Count the right amount of petals for each daisy.

Octopus Counting Craft octopus counting craft

This craft is both adorable and educational! Kids will enjoy making this cute counting octopus and to complete it they have to count the number of circles on each leg and attach it to the correct spot on the octopus body.

Caterpillar Counting Craft caterpillar counting craft

Children will love anything that involves those fuzzy pom poms, so they are bound to love this caterpillar counting craft. This craft is great for those just learning to count and learning all about numbers. All you need are some pom poms and paper and you're set.

Number Placemat Craft number placemat craft

Did you know that you are supposed to get nine to thirteen servings of produce a day? This cute placemat will remind your child to eat healthy as they learn to count from one to ten. Crafted from cardstock, this placemat is sure to be a welcome addition to your table!

Apple Tree Counting Craft apple tree counting craft

This number craft is easy for any age. Counting apples to glue to trees is fun for all kids that are trying to learn their numbers. Making 10 trees or even up to 20, you can have your own orchard in no time!

Homemade Dominoes Craft homemade dominoes craft

Looking for a way to ease boredom? This Dazzling Star Dominoes craft is not only a boredom buster, but will also expose your child to learning numbers one through ten. This is an easy and fun craft for children of all ages!

Finger Counting Glove counting glove craft

Make counting on your fingers a habit for young children just learning to numbers one to ten with the Finger Counting Fun craft. Children will love wearing their creation and counting over and over!

Math Facts Dry Erase Board math facts craft

Does your child dread learning multiplication, division, subtraction, or addition facts? Make numbers more fun with this hands-on approach! Allow your child to create their own I Know That´┐Ż Math Facts Dry Erase board specifically for learning math facts. You'll be surprised at how willing your child will become when completing his or her math homework!

Pizza by the Slice Number Activity pizza slice craft

Your child will be a pizza chef pro after the Pizza by the Slice Number Activity! Your child will love brainstorming fun toppings for his or her own creation. Once complete, practice counting out pizza slices and toppings!

Ice Cream Counting Craft ice cream counting craft

Children will love Velcro-ing these adorable ice cream scoops in numerical order in the Lickety-Split Numbers craft! Better yet, they will have a blast decorating a unique ice cream cone. Who knows? Maybe, Ben and Jerry's will come to them for the next ice cream flavor!

Pasta Counter Craft kids addition craft

Make addition fun with the Math Counts Pasta Counter! Your preschooler will love creating this easy craft which reinforces the many ways you can add the numbers zero through ten together to get a sum of ten. Once complete, this craft can be returned to over and over to reinforce addition and later on, subtraction!

Numbers and Shapes Necklace Craft number and shapes necklace

Preschoolers will love cutting out colored cardstock to form fun shapes to make their own Numbers and Shapes Necklace. Once complete, they can wear this necklace all the time and never forget how to count to ten!

Tangram Puzzles tangram puzzles craft

Looking for a geometric challenge? Children will love cutting out brightly colored card stock to craft their own Tangram Number Puzzles. Afterwards, several tricky number puzzles are included to make fun pictures!

Odd and Even Numbers Jacob's Ladder odd and even numbers craft

Is your kindergartener struggling to count from one to ten? How about recognizing the difference between even and odd numbers? This adorable Odd and Even Number Jacob's Ladder address both odd and even numbers and the numbers zero through ten! Create a fun toy and you will have children clamoring to learn they numbers!