What better way to teach counting from one through ten then with fruits and vegetables? Expose your children to ten colorful types of produce with the Counting Fun Placemat. Complete with a template, your child will love cutting out cardstock and making their own placemat. Every time your children arrive at the table, this craft is sure to bring a smile to their faces and a reminder to eat healthy!

What you'll need:

How to make your counting placemat craft:
  • Print out the Counting Fun Placemat template on white cardstock. Cut out the circle and trace on orange cardstock. Cut out a small piece of brown cardstock and glue to the top. Glue the orange circle in the upper left corner. (see photos).
  • Cut out the banana-shaped object from the white cardstock and trace two onto the yellow colored cardstock. Cut out and glue little pieces of brown cardstock on the very top. Glue the two bananas next to the orange. (see photos)
  • Cut out the cauliflower-shaped object and draw little black curves on the top. Glue next to the bananas. (see photos)
  • Cut out the square honeydew chunks and trace four onto light green cardstock. Glue next to the cauliflower in the top right corner. (see photos)
  • Cut out the strawberry-shaped object and trace five onto red cardstock. Cut out small pieces of green cardstock and glue to the top for stems. Use a black marker to make tiny seeds on the strawberries. Glue the strawberries underneath the orange. (see photos)
  • Cut out the green bean-shaped object and trace six of them onto dark green paper. Glue them next to the strawberries. (see photos)
  • Cut out the triangle carrot-shaped object and trace seven onto orange cardstock. Cut out small pieces of green cardstock for stems and glue to the top. Glue the carrots next to the green beans.
  • Cut out the small oval grape-shaped object and trace eight onto purple cardstock. Glue underneath the strawberries in a bunch. Cut out a thin, long strip of brown paper and glue to the top of the bunch of grapes. (see photos)
  • Cut out the small circle blueberry-shaped object and trace nine onto blue cardstock. Glue next to the bunch of grapes. (see photos)
  • Cut out the large watermelon-shaped object and trace onto dark green cardstock. Cut out the small watermelon-shaped object and trace onto red cardstock. Glue the red cardstock watermelon to the green cardstock watermelon to form the full watermelon. Use a black marker to draw ten watermelon seeds onto the watermelon. Glue the watermelon in the bottom right corner, next to the blueberries. (see photos)
  • Using the black marker, write the names of each type of produce next to the produce. (see photos)
  • If desired, cover your placemat in contact paper to preserve it longer.
  • Next time your children come down for a meal, ask them how many servings of produce they have had so far that day!
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