Check out our collection of Bible crafts for kids. We have a nice variety to choose from and we are working on more. We have Bible crafts ranging from Noah's ark to Daniel and the lions den and lots more. Kids will enjoy spending time crafting while learning important stories from the Bible. Make use the printable templates that come with some of the crafts and follow the simple instructions for all of them.

Kids Bible Crafts

Rocking Noah's Ark Craft Noah's Ark craft

Helps kids learn the story of Noah's Ark with this fun bible craft featuring an ark that rocks back and forth! Use our printable template for the pieces and the animals. Kids can then make as many more pairs of animals as they like!

Daniel and the Lion's Den Craft daniel and the lions den craft

Bring the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den to life with the Daniel in the Lion's Den Lion Mosaic craft. Crafted from tissue paper, pasta, a paper plate, and glue, this adorable craft is sure to bring a smile to children's faces. Long after the craft is complete, children will remember God's faithfulness and Daniel's faith.

Jesus Loves the Little Children Craft jesus loves the little children craft

Remind children that they are all special in God's eyes with the Jesus Loves the Little Children Fingerprint Card. This adorable card is made from markers, different colored stamp pads, and cardstock. Once complete, children can give this card to a friend to remind them of how much they are treasured by God!

Joseph's Coat of Many Colors Craft josephs coat of many colors craft

Children will easily remember the story of Joseph after crafting the Joseph's Coat of Many Colors craft. Made from clear gift wrap paper, tissue paper, stapler, and colored cardstock, this crinkly craft is sure to be a hit! Once complete, children will be reminded of the story of Joseph in the bible.

This Little Light of Mine Craft this little light of mine craft

Looking for a way to remind your Sunday school class to shine brightly for Jesus? Have children make the This Little Light of Mine Luminary out of a tin can, ice, hammer, nails, old towel, and the template provided. Once complete, children will have a fun project to take home!

Psalms 23 Sheep Craft psalms 23 sheep craft

Teach children the importance of Psalms 23 through the Psalms 23 Handprint Sheep Craft. Make your own fluffy sheep from cotton balls, glue, white and black cardstock, wiggly eyes, and a pink pom-pom. Once complete, this cute sheep can serve as a fun reminder that God is always with us and present in our lives.

Noah's Ark Matching Game Craft noahs ark game craft

Make an adorable ark and fun game of memory all in one with the Two by Two Noah's Ark Matching Game. Just as Noah gathered the animals two by two, you can gather your matches in pairs and place them in the ark. Make your own Two by Two Noah's Ark Matching Game from colored cardstock, paper plates, markers, glue, and animal stickers!

Armor of God Yarn Shield Craft armor of god shield craft

Children will enjoy making the Armor of God Yarn Craft. Make your own from cardboard, cardstock, yarn, scissors, and glue. Once complete, talk about the different parts of the armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Colors of Faith Paper Bead Bracelet colors of faith bracelet craft

Red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white each represent a different aspect of the Christian faith. Teach children the important parts of the Christian faith through the colorful Colors of Faith Paper Bead Bracelet. Crafted from colored paper, string, scissors, glue, a pencil, and a ruler, these pretty bracelets are sure to be a welcome addition to any Sunday school class!

Creation Dice Game creation dice game

Kids will have fun not only making this craft, but playing the game afterwards. Make your own Creation Dice Game from cardstock, markers, scissors, and the template provided. Afterwards, talk about the story of creation and reinforce the story with this fun game!

Do Not Worry Doll Craft proverbs doll craft

Teach children at a young age to not worry and put their trust in God with the Do Not Worry Doll. Remind children of Proverbs 3:5-6 as they make their own dolls from yarn, cardboard, and scissors. Once complete, children can carry these dolls around to help them remember the words of Proverbs 3:5-6.

Fruits of the Spirit Bouquet fruits of the spirit craft

Teach your child the fruits of the spirit with the Fruits of the Spirit Bouquet. Children will be able to make nine different, brightly-colored cardstock pieces of fruit, one for each fruit of the spirit. Attached to bamboo skewers and placed in a vase, this creative bouquet is sure to brighten any room!