Remind children of God's beautiful creation with the Creation Dice Game. This fun craft uses cardstock, markers, a template provided, and scissors to make a unique game suitable for elementary-aged children. Once complete, children will quickly learn what God created on each day!

What you'll need:

How to make your game:
  • Print the Creation Dice Game template onto white cardstock. You will need to print out one template per person who will participate. (see photos)
  • Decorate the first page of the template with markers. Make sure to put your name at the top. This is your game board. (see photos)
  • Using scissors, cut out the thirteen cards on the second and third pages of the template. (see photos)
  • Using markers, draw a picture to represent or write each of the following: light, dark, sky, water, land, plants and trees, sun, moon, stars, sea creatures, birds, animals, and people. Make sure to write the number of the day that God created each of the things listed above. (Day 1- light and dark, Day 2- sky and water, Day 3- land and trees and plants, Day 4- sun, moon, and stars, Day 5- sea creatures and birds, Day 6- animals and people). (see photos)
  • Your game is ready to play. Once everyone has completed their game boards, gather dice for each person and get ready to play!
  • To play: Decide who will go first. Have that person roll one die. Whichever number appears determines which card the player takes from his or her pile. The player must choose a card that corresponds with the thing God created on the number day he or she rolled on the die. Place the card on top of the number that it matches. For example, if a two is rolled, the player may choose either sky or water. Each player takes a turn rolling the die. The first player to acquire all thirteen of his or her cards is the winner. If a player rolls the die and he or she has already taken all of those cards, then the player's turn is simply over. (see photos)
  • Paperclip the creation cards and store the game pieces in the Ziploc bag.
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