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The Bountiful Harvest Board Game is an imaginative game sure to delight children of all ages. This game inspires creativity as children craft a game board out of simple materials. Once complete, children will love playing the Bountiful Harvest Board Game again and again!
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What You'll Need


Using a black marker and ruler, draw lines two inches apart along the width of the brown cardstock. (see photos).


Take the yellow colored cardstock and cut out ten long ovals to look like corn on the cob. Line these up along the first section of the brown cardstock. (see photos)


Take the red cardstock and cut out ten circles to look like tomatoes. Line these up along the second section of the brown cardstock. (see photos)


Using the orange cardstock, cut ten triangles to look like carrots. Line these up along the third section of the garden. (see photos)


Cut ten long ovals out of the green cardstock to look like cucumbers and line them up along the fourth section of the garden. (see photos).


Cut ten circles from purple cardstock to look like onions and line up along the fifth section of the cardstock. (see photos)


Using brown cardstock, cut out five small garden signs. Write the names of each vegetable (corn, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, onions) on a sign with a marker. Glue the signs to the appropriate section in the garden. (see photos)


Along the side of the brown cardstock, in the section leftover, write "Bountiful Harvest Board Game." (see photos)


Using the large hole punch and the colors of cardstock, punch out four dots from each color. You should have a total of 28 circles. On the light yellow circles, place the four crow stickers. Place all of the dots in the brown paper bag. (see photos)


Your game is now ready to play. When not in use, store the vegetables in the small Ziploc bag and the rest of the pieces in the large Ziploc bag. (see photos)


Read the rules below to begin playing this fun game!

  • Farmer Joe seems to have misplaced his scarecrow. The pesky crows are out and eating all of Farmer Joe's vegetables. Help Farmer Joe harvest his garden before the pesky crows get all of his produce!
  • Set the vegetables up according to the garden signs (you should have ten per row.
  • Place all of the circle dots in the brown paper bag.
  • Decide who will go first. Have that person roll the dice and select on circle dot from the brown paper bag. The person who rolled the dice takes however many vegetables indicated on the dice. For example, if you roll a four then you take four corn, tomatoes, etc. The type of vegetable you take is based on the colored dot that you pick. For example, if you pick a yellow dot, you take corn from the garden. An example of a complete turn would look like this: I roll a two and pick a purple dot. So I take two onions from the garden and hold on to them.
  • If you pick up a crow dot, you must return all of the vegetables of one type to the garden. For example, you can put all of your corn back.
  • If you roll a number on the dice and there is not enough of that vegetable your turn is skipped. For example, if you are supposed to take two tomatoes and there is only one left, your turn is over.
  • The first person to collect all of the vegetables is the winner!