This alphabet craft is simple and educational and one that you can use to teach your child the alphabet. We did this one with our one and half year old daughter to start teaching her the letters of the alphabet and she had lots of fun. We've had it up on our wall for months now and she likes to play with it herself. We've added numbers, shapes and even some animals to the fun and its been a fun educational craft.

What you'll need:

How to make your Alphabet Felt Board Craft:
  • Find something to use as a board - we used a medium sized cork board. Cut out a piece of regular felt to fit the front of your board and staple it into place. 
  • Print and cut out our alphabet letter templates.
  • Trace the templates onto pieces of stiff felt.  **Note: the key to this project is using stiff felt to make the letters.  If you make them out of regular felt they tend to fold up on themselves and loose their intended shape.
  • Cut out the felt letters.
  • Have fun playing with your child and teaching them the letters of the alphabet
alphabet craft Alphabet Felt Board

kids alphabet feltboard craft Alphabet Letter Templates