Need some ideas for great Father's Day gifts? Our Father's Day Crafts are a fun way to involve your kids in creating personalized gifts that dad is sure to love! Every dad has favorite hobbies and activities that they love to share with their kids and we've tried to create Father's Day crafts that can be customized to each dad's interests to make them even more special. All of these crafts were tested in our own home, so we know they are all fun, easy for children, and gifts that any dad is sure to love! We hope you enjoy this section of Father's Day crafts for kids and we'd love to hear any feedback or ideas you have.

Kids Father's Day Crafts

Father's Day Fishing Rod Card fathers day fishing card

If dad or grandpa would rather be fishing, this Father's Day fishing rod craft is the perfect gift for father's day. A cardboard fishing pole that has caught some decorated paper fish is a great way to tell dad that he is a "great catch". Our provided templates make this Father's day craft even easier to make and it uses materials you have on hand.

Father's Day Guitar Card fathers day guitar card

Does daddy or grandpa play the guitar? If so, our Father's day guitar card is the perfect Father's day craft for you and your child to make for him. The addition of an actual guitar pick makes this craft function for dad too.

Father's Day Lawn Mower Card fathers day lawn mower card

Is daddy or grandpa a John Deere fan or just a fan of lawn mowers and landscaping in general? If so, this is the perfect father's day card for you to make with your child. Our template makes this craft even easier to put together and it's sure to be a card that is treasured for years to come.

Father's Day Book Craft - Dad and I kids craft for dad

Dad will love this special book from his child - it makes a great Father's Day present any kid can do. This book allows kids to think about the stuff they love about their dad, and then color and practice writing. This book is an easy craft for kids, but is such a special gift for any dad. All you have to do is print the pages, cut them out and the kids fill in the rest.

Footprint Bookmark Craft footprint bookmark craft

Fathers will love a homemade bookmark created with an impression of their child's foot. This is a quick and easy project that requires few materials and makes for a nice gift for that special dad on his special day.

Fingerprint Tie Craft fingerprint tie craft

This fun fingerprint Father's Day tie craft is made from your child's fingerprints and foam stickers. Children trace and cut a paper tie and then add their painted fingertips, some foam stickers and a ribbon to hang the craft.

Father's Day Picture Frames

Does dad like football? Or is he more interested in baseball? Or would he rather just be fishing? Here is the same picture frame, customized three different ways! This is a fun and relatively simple Father's Day craft for kids. The options for this Father's Day craft are endless and kids will love helping to make it just right for their dad because they can pick out all the details. You can even combine them if you'd like!

homemade fathers day frame
Father's Day
Football Frame

kids fathers day craft
Father's Day
Baseball Frame

fathers day frame craft
Father's Day
Fishing Frame

Daddy is My Whole World Card homemade fathers day card

This cute Father's Day craft is an easy way for a child to tell Daddy or Grandpa that he is their "whole world"! Construction paper, crayons and paint are all you need to complete this cute Father's Day craft, sure to make the day of anyone who receives it.

Father's Day Coupon Book fathers day coupon book

Every dad will love this father's day coupon book. It's customizable and printable and gives dad some of the best gifts he could receive on his special day. Pre-formatted coupons include coupons for "sleeping in", "taking out the trash", "yard work", "a big hug" and more! Use the ones we created or customize the Word Doc version to meet your needs - then color in the pages and sign from the kids.

Father's Day Rocket Card fathers day rocket card

Is Dad or Grandpa "out of this world"? Have your kids make a unique card to tell them so with our adorable Father's Day craft. Print out our rocket template and add a picture of your child (or children). Then let your children decorate their scene however they would like. Each homemade Father's day card is unique and special and any dad will love it.

Father's Day Fish Picture Frame kids fathers day frame craft

Here is a Father's Day Craft that is a great alternative to the standard frame and that will make a great gift for Father's Day! Your kids can personalize this cute fish with their favorite colors, sayings, or even use their fingerprints as decoration.

Father's Day Tie Card fathers day tie card

Is Dad or Grandpa a business man? Try making our necktie card for them this Father's day. This Father's day card is simple to make with our provided template and kids love creating and decorating the tie on the front just for their Dad. Enjoy making this cute Father's day card with your kids.

Father's Day Coupon Box fathers day craft for kids

This personalized fish themed coupon box is a great Father's Day craft for kids to make. This one makes a nice present for dad and he will enjoy cashing in the coupons the kids come up with like giving dad a big hug, taking out the trash, walking the dog or whatever else their dad would like.

Popsicle Stick Frame fathers day popsicle stick frame

This popsicle stick frame craft is a classic child's craft that is perfect for a Father's day gift. A few popsicle sticks and glue make a great frame for Dad's favorite photo, and a magnet added to the back lets dad hand this cute Father's day craft proudly for everyone to see.

World's Best Dad Certificate world's best dad certificate

Surprise Dad with an official certificate that lets him know that he really is the World's Greatest Dad! Children will love to personalize their certificate and then to present it to Dad on Father's Day. We even have a World's Greatest Grandfather certificate to give to Grandpa on this special day.

Father's Day Bear Card kids fathers day card

This cute Father's Day craft is a simple paper craft that's easy enough for even young children to do with a little help. Our free template makes it that much easier to do. Any Dad loves to hear that their child loves them very much, and this cute Father's Day craft is sure to make them smile.

Wallet Art kids fathers wallet art

Every dad or grandpa has pictures of their children in their wallets, but now your special dad can have pictures made BY their children in their wallets to show off to anyone they meet. This is an easy way to help dad brag about their little artist(s).

Peanut Jar Craft fathers day peanut jar craft

This cute peanut jar craft makes a wonderful Father's Day craft for any child to give their Dad or Grandpa. This homemade Father's day gift is very easy to make and is sure to make Dad smile every time he has a peanut snack.

Father's Day Football Picture Holder football craft for dad

This is a very easy Father's Day craft for kids to make. The result is an ultra cute picture holder craft that any football loving father will love. Just a little styrofoam, some wire and a couple cute pictures are all you need to make this fun football picture holder that makes a great homemade father's day gift.

Father's Day Couch Coaster couch coaster craft

Turn an inexpensive picture frame into a fun arm chair coaster for dad with this great Father's day craft. With some inexpensive unfinished wood pieces, paint and glue, your kids will enjoy making this homemade Father's day gift almost as much as dad will enjoy using it.

Father's Day Shirt Craft fathers day shirt craft

This is based on the classic World's Best Dad shirt concept, but when you put kids handprints on anything, it becomes an instant keepsake. This simple and fun fathers day craft is especially fun for small kids who love to get their hands in paint. This craft works with any amount of kids and any father will love to receive this as a fathers day gift from their kids.

Father's Day Football Pen Holder fathers day football pen holder

Check out this football themed pen and pencil holder that makes fun fathers day gift. Fun for any dad that is a football fan, it will fit perfectly on his desk and will remind him of the child that made it for him.

Father's Day Beverage Cooler fathers day can cooler craft

This craft foam beverage cooler is a simple Father's Day craft that even a young child can make with a little help. Craft foam details (letters, figures, etc.) add a personal touch. Kids will love making this homemade Father's day craft.

Father's Day Baseball Pen Holder fathers day baseball pen holder

Any dad that is a baseball fan will think this homemade pencil holder that looks like a baseball. This craft is a perfect one for kids to make for dad using an empty soup can, some felt and a little paint. This special gift is sure to be a hit for Father's Day.

Father's Day Golf Pencil Holder fathers day golf pencil holder

Score a hole in one with this fun craft for dad! This is a simple and fun father's day craft that kids can make and give to dad as a present. Perfect for fathers that are into golf and simple to make from a few things around the house.

Mouse Pad Crafts mousepad crafts

Make a special personalized mouse pad for Dad! Every dad can use a fun and special mouse pad made by his kids that will remind him of his loved ones while at the office. We did a couple different ones, but the possibilities are really endless for this simple and fun kids craft. A homemade mouse pad is the perfect gift for dad and is a great kids fathers day craft.

Father's Day Toolbox Card homemade fathers day card

Make this homemade toolbox card craft as a gift for dad on Father's Day. Kids of different ages can do this craft. Older children can cut out the tools from our template while parents or teachers can cut out the pieces for younger kids and let them glue the tools inside the toolbox. No matter what age the kids are - dad will love this homemade Father's Day card.

World's Greatest Dad Medal kids fathers day gift for dad

Make dad a World's Greatest Dad medal that he can wear. What dad doesn't want to receive such a prestigious honor? And it's most valuable when its homemade by his child - he'll wear it with pride! This is a quick and easy father's day craft that both the kids and dad will enjoy. All you need is a little paint, some ribbon and about 15 minutes.

Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder kids popsicle stick pencil holder

This popsicle stick pencil holder is a new twist on an old classic craft. With stickers tailored to Dad's favorite hobby, it's a great Father's Day preschool craft for kids to personalize just for their Daddy. While an adult is needed to use the hot glue gun to attach the sticks to the can, older children can do the remainder of the craft on their own and toddlers can help with the fun parts of painting the sticks and adding the stickers. This pencil holder craft is sure to look great on any dad's desk and your kid's will have fun making it too.

Clock Father's Day Card make a fathers day card

Make a Father's Day card with a fun clock theme. This cute homemade Father's Day card is sure to be a hit with dad and most kids will love putting together the clock on the front cover. This is a fun craft and good learning exercise too and makes a great homemade gift for dad.

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