This homemade Father's Day card shaped like a tool box is sure to be a hit with dad on his special day. This is a great Father's Day craft for kids to do and it makes a nice present for kids to give to their dad. The card is shaped like a toolbox and we have a template to use for cutting out the tools which will make it simple and fun for kids of different ages to do. For kids too young for scissors, pre-cut the tools and let them glue them on the card.

What you'll need:

How to make your Father's Day Toolbox Card:
  1. Fold a piece of red construction paper to make the tool box. With the piece of paper held vertically, fold the bottom piece up towards the middle a little over a third of the way up. Fold the top of the paper down so that it covers about half of the bottom flap, but doesn't go the whole way to the bottom.
  2. Print out our template. Cut out and trace the handle onto black construction paper and the lock onto yellow construction paper. Cut out your pieces. With the card folded, glue the yellow lock onto the box to the bottom flap so that it half covers the upper flap and holds the "box" shut. Make sure you only glue the lock to the bottom flap otherwise the card won't be able to open!
  3. Glue the handle to the top of the card (when it's shut).
  4. Cut out the tools from the template and color them however you would like.
  5. Glue the tools to the inside of the card.
  6. Use a marker or crayon to write "I couldn't have built a better dad!" and your child's name.
fathers day homemade card craft