Fall is one of our favorite times of year!  We love the weather, the changing leaves, the pumpkins and fun family things to do. We've created a collection of fall crafts that feature all of our favorite things including crafts with pumpkin, apple, leaf, scarecrow themes and more. All of these crafts were created in our own home, so we can assure you that they are all child friendly and lots of fun. Happy Autumn!

Kids Fall Crafts

Fall Leaf Wreath Craft fall leaf wreath craft

This fall leaf wreath craft is a simple craft for kids to make using a paper plate, some construction paper and a little paint. When finished, it makes a great decoration during the fall season or for Thanksgiving.

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft popsicle stick scarecrow craft

This friendly popsicle stick scarecrow craft is made by gluing popsicle sticks together and adding a scrapbook paper hat and construction paper hair. After gluing on two googly eyes, a smile made from yarn and a pom pom nose, you have an adorable (not scary) scarecrow!

Handprint Pumpkin Patch Craft handprint pumpkin patch craft

This cute pumpkin craft is made using your child's knuckles. It is a quick and easy project that can be created with just a few materials. It is a nice fall activity.

Button Apple Tree Craft button apple tree craft

This pretty apple tree craft is a perfect activity to create in the fall and when doing an apple unit. It is a good reinforcement of fine motor skills since children must pick up and glue one button at a time. Counting is another skill that can be incorporated into this cute craft.

Craft Stick Barn craft stick barn

This bright red craft stick barn craft is fun to make in the fall or when learning about farms. Children glue red craft sticks to a foam barn and then add some fall foam stickers to complete the scene. It is a very easy craft that requires just a little time and a few materials.

Scarecrow Craft scarecrow craft

Fall is the perfect time to learn about scarecrows. This friendly scarecrow craft is fun to make and looks adorable on a classroom bulletin board.

3D Paper Pumpkin Craft 3d paper pumpkin craft

This unique 3D paper pumpkin craft is a fun activity to do in the fall or around Halloween. It is best for older preschool or kindergarten children as it requires advanced fine motor skills.

Fruit Loops Fall Tree fruit loops fall tree craft

Children love observing the changing colors of leaves on trees in the fall. This craft lets them create their own fall tree while enjoying a yummy snack!

Grey Squirrel Craft grey squirrel craft

Fall is the time for squirrels and this cute squirrel craft is perfect to create when learning the grey squirrel song.

Paper Bag Scarecrow scarecrow craft

We've always loved seeing scarecrow decorations in the fall, and we wanted a simple version that we could do in our own home with our toddler. What we came up with is this incredibly cute paper bag scarecrow craft. We've included a template to make it that much more user friendly. This scarecrow makes a great homemade fall decoration, and with a little prep work, even your toddler can make one!

Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin pumpkin craft

Check out this fun toddler pumpkin craft that kids will enjoy during fall. Children get to paint the pumpkin seeds and then glue them to our pumpkin template to make a pumpkin. We found that our daughter had a great time with this fall craft.

Fall Leaf Craft fall leaf craft

Make this simple and beautiful fall leaf craft out of different colored tissue paper. Using contact paper instead of glue makes this a great fall craft even for young toddlers and you can put up in a window and it makes a great suncatcher when you are done.

Scissor Skills Fall Tree scissor skills fall craft

Need a scissor skills refresher craft before preschool starts back up? This fall tree craft is perfect for kids learning to use scissors as well. For this simple paper craft, your child can cut small paper squares out and glue them to a fall tree scene to create a beautiful craft they can be proud of.

Bean Fall Leaves fall leaves craft

Use beans to create beautiful autumn leaves in this cute fall craft for kids. Older kids can make intricate patterns while younger kids will create a great looking craft just by adding the beans to the glue. This is a great fall craft for kids of all ages.

Button Indian Corn fall corn kids craft

Make this fun indian corn craft with your kids during the fall season using our printable template and some buttons. This is a great fall preschool craft and you can hang on your door or window to make a great homemade fall decoration.

Paper Strip Pumpkin pumpkin craft for autumn

Turn construction paper and a toilet paper roll into a cool homemade decoration for fall. This paper strip pumpkin craft is a neat fall craft for kids and makes a nice fall decoration when you are finished.

Fall Leaf Book kids leaf book craft

Going on a leaf hunt is a great family activity for the fall. When you get home, follow our steps here to create your own leaf book - with no wax paper or ironing! When you're done, use the book to discuss what you saw, differences in the leaves, all the colors, etc. and it becomes a fantastic preschool science craft.

Apple Print Wreath Craft apple print wreath craft

Kids will enjoy making this fun apple wreath print craft when its time to go back to school. Use a real apple cut in half and a few simple craft supplies to make this cute craft.

Fall Leaves Spice Art Card fall leaves spice art card

Paprika, Cumin, Turmeric, and Cinnamon have never looked as beautiful as they do when used on the Fall Leaves Spice Art Greeting Card. Once complete, this delicious smelling greeting card is the perfect way to brighten someone's day!

Painted Fall Leaves in Frame Craft fall leaves in frame craft

Capture fall with the Splendid Colored Leaf Display. Children will love searching for leaves, painting the leaves with paint, and then displaying their finished artwork in a handmade Popsicle stick picture frame!

Bountiful Harvest Board Game bountiful harvest board game

Looking for ideas to keep children entertained on a blustery fall day? Look no further then the Bountiful Harvest Board Game! After designing a game board replica of a vegetable garden, youngsters can challenge friends to this thrilling game!

Seasons of a Tree seasons of a tree craft

Looking for a creative way to teach youngsters about the changing of the seasons? The Seasons of a Tree craft is the perfect paper craft, simple to make and fun to play with. Once complete, youngsters will be able to flip through the paper plates and identify the various seasons!

Finger Paint Pumpkin Patch pumpkin patch craft

Make a pumpkin patch out of your child's fingerprints with this easy fall craft for kids. This pumpkin patch craft is a great fall craft for preschoolers and is perfect for even very young children. All you need for this cute pumpkin craft is paper and paint, so it is a easy craft to make on a cool fall day.

Cinnamon Acorn Craft cinnamon acorn craft

This time of year squirrels are busy gathering acorns outside, so it's the perfect time to make an acorn craft to hang up inside! Sprinkle cinnamon onto the wet paint when you make this cute fall acorn craft for kids and add an extra bit of fun to your crafting. This is a simple fall kid's craft that is easy to make with materials you probably already have on hand.

Autumn Chalkboard Craft autumn chalkboard craft

Make your own chalkboard with a fall theme. Fall means back to school, apple picking and colorful fall leaves. This fun fall craft combines all of these things into one cute homemade fall craft for kids.

Apple Wreath Craft apple wreath craft

This cinnamon apple wreath is a fantastic preschool craft for fall. Kids love gluing the craft foam apples to the paper plate ring. The finishing touch is a cinnamon stick tied in the center which will give a nice scent!

Fingerprint Corn Craft fall corn craft

Use our printable corn template and your child's fingerprints to make this great fall preschool craft with your children. Kids will have fun dipping their fingers in the different colored paints and then using their fingerprints to make the corn.

Handprint Apple Tree handprint apple tree

Handprint crafts always make a great keepsake for parents and this is a fun one to do during fall. Our toddler daughter had fun making this one since she is also into trees. All you need is paint, glue and some construction paper for this simple kids fall craft.

Apple Print Craft apple print fall craft

This great apple print craft is a fun way to paint with your kids using all new materials - apples! We love to pick apples in the fall and always have a couple left over, so this fun fall craft is a great way to use them and to teach kids about apples and apple seeds.

Pumpkin Pie Spice Acorn Craft spice acorn craft

Pumpkin pie spice is the secret ingredient in this cute acorn craft for kids. This fall craft is a great sensory craft for kids. The bumpy acorn top is made with pumpkin pie spice and glue and the body of the acorn is made from smooth craft foam. This acorn craft is a great fall craft for kids.

The Colors of Fall Paper Collage falling leaves craft

Using brightly patterned cardstock, mimic the beautiful leaf displays of fall with the Colors of Fall paper Collage. This craft is perfect for children of all ages who long to replicate their beautiful surroundings. Once complete, children will happily remember the beautiful fall day that inspired their art!

Delicious Fall Harvest Soup Mix fall harvest soup mix craft

Warm anyone's heart with a gift of the Delicious Fall Harvest Soup Gift Mix! Combine the tastes of fall to create a healthy and colorful soup. This can be given as a gift to a neighbor or a friend and includes a recipe to make it.

Apple Picture Frame fall frame craft

Fall is such a great time to take pictures of your family outside and this apple frame makes a great way to display the fall fun or even your photos of the first day of school.  Using an inexpensive unpainted frame and some some unpainted wood shapes, you and your kids can create a beautiful fall decoration.

Pumpkin Picture Frame pumpkin frame craft

This cute pumpkin picture frame makes a great fall craft for kids. It is a fun and simple craft and is a great way to show off some of your fun autumn pictures. Using some simple materials and techniques, this fall craft is a perfect one - even for young children to do.

Fall Door Hanger autumn craft

Welcome your family and friends to your home this autumn with our great homemade fall door hanger craft! This craft is made with craft foam, glue and our easy to use template and it is a fantastic fall decoration.

Columbus Day Craft columbus day craft

This simple Columbus Day craft focuses on the three ships that sailed way back in the day of Columbus (the Nina, the Pinta, and the Sant Maria) and kids get to cut out, color and place the ships in the ocean. This makes a great preschool or kindergarten craft.

Fall Fingerprint Tree fingerprint tree craft

Our fall fingerprint tree craft is a fantastic "handprint" craft for fall! This is a great fall decoration that you can bring out year after year to see how much your little one has grown. Our 23 month old daughter loved doing this craft and we hope your children will too!

Tissue Paper Indian Corn indian corn craft

Our tissue paper Indian corn craft is a great fall craft for preschoolers and toddlers. Fun materials, an easy template, and a lot of glue will help keep their interest, leaving you with a great homemade fall decoration when they are finished!

Toilet Paper Roll Fall Tree fall tree craft

This is a fun toddler fall craft. Kids will enjoy dipping their fingers in the different fall leave colors and using their fingerprints to make the leaves on this fall tree.

Toilet Paper Roll Apple Tree apple tree craft

Children will enjoy making this apple tree craft that uses a toilet paper roll as its base to it can stand up on its own when you are done. Kids can paint the top and then add the apples for some autumn time crafting fun!

Sand Fall Tree Craft sand fall tree craft

This sand fall tree craft is a great fall craft to make with your child. It is perfect even for younger children to do. The end result of this fool-proof fall craft is a beautiful tree your child will be proud of.

What's Inside Pumpkin Craft whats inside pumpkin craft

This pumpkin craft is a classic preschool craft for fall. Paper, yarn and pumpkin seeds are all you need to put together this cute fall craft with your little one. This is a great craft for toddlers and preschoolers too!

Fall Leaf Print Craft fall leaf print craft

Make a fall leaf print using the leaves that you collect on a nature walk with your kids! All you need are leaves and paint to make this great fall craft. The more leaves you use the better this craft turns out and it is a great way to spend a cool fall afternoon.

Paper Squirrel squirrel craft

Our paper squirrel craft is a great fall craft for young children. This cute squirrel is an easy craft to do on a cold or rainy afternoon when you are looking for a fun activity to do with the kids. All you need is our template, construction paper, scissors and glue and you have a fun fall craft and decoration!

Fall Napkin Rings Craft fall napkin ring craft

Welcome fall with the Festive Fall Napkin Holders. These easy to make napkin holders are crafted from colored cardstock and are great for children of all ages! Once complete, prepare the perfect harvest feast and enjoy your new napkin holders.

Fall Leaf Picture Frame leaf craft

Turn unpainted wooden frames and leaves into a fantastic homemade fall decoration and frame with our fall leaf picture frame craft. Red, orange, yellows and browns combined with a little gold glitter turn this into a great fall craft for kids!

Shape School Bus Craft shape school bus craft

Making this cute school bus craft is a great way to review shapes with your child in preparation for going back to school. Adding a picture of your child to the window makes this back-to-school craft even more fun for kids to do.

Peek-a-boo Apple Craft worm in apple craft

Use our template to make this cute peek-a-boo apple craft. A popsicle stick worm pops up through an apple making this a fun fall craft to do with your kids.

Apple Tree Counting Craft apple tree counting craft

Help kids practice their numbers with a fun apple tree themed craft which fits perfect during the fall season. This apple tree counting craft is simple to make and sure to be a hit with the kids.

Back to School Crafts back to school crafts

Check out our collection of Back to School crafts for kids. We have a nice selection to choose from and they are perfect for getting kids excited about going back to school as the fall season approaches.

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