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We are big fans of handprint crafts.  We love the way they preserve how small our daughter's hand is right now and how we can do the same craft year after year and watch the handprint grow.  This fall fingerprint tree is a fantastic craft to do with toddlers or preschoolers.  Our almost two year old really enjoyed doing this craft with us.  We've included photos of the version where we helped her (to give everyone an idea of what the craft is intended to look like) as well as the version that she created all by herself - which is now framed and hanging in our craft room! 
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What You'll Need


Trace your child's hand and forearm onto brown construction paper and cut it out. Glue the handprint onto white construction paper.


Cut a strip of green construction paper out that is about 1-2 inches wide. Cut small slits in the paper the entire way along one side to create "grass". Glue this piece down on the white paper covering the very bottom of the hand print.


Have your child dip a finger in one of the colors of paint and "dot" on some leaves over and around the handprint "trunk". Use a new finger for each color.