Reptiles are cool and these reptile crafts are sure to be a hit with the children. We've got snakes and alligators so far and will be adding more soon.

Reptile Crafts for Kids

Egg Carton Alligator Craft alligator craft

We love using recycled items in our crafts and this is one that sure turns out cute. Make this alligator with some paper and an egg carton for a fun 3 dimensional kind of look. A project like this also helps kids learn how to use brushes and to paint.

Paper Roll Snake Craft snake craft

Turn a simple paper roll into this cool snake craft. This craft is a fun one for kids to make and fits in with any reptile themed lesson plans. Kids will even enjoy playing with their snake craft when complete.

Letter A Alligator Craft letter a alligator craft

This is a fun craft for learning the short sound for A. It's easy to make as we have provided the template to use as your guide. Have your child repeat the sound as he/she constructs the alligator.