Snowmen, snow flakes, and penguins!  These are some of our favorite kids winter crafts.  We all love snowmen and our daughter loves penguins, so we've tried to incorporate everyone's winter favorites into some fun winter crafts for kids of all ages.  These winter crafts are a great way to spend a cold afternoon, so huddle up around the table with some warm cocoa and build some snowmen inside where it's nice and warm. Also make sure to check our winter printables including kids winter worksheets and winter coloring pages.

Kids Winter Crafts

Paper Snow Globe paper snow globe craft

This paper snow globe craft is a really fun craft for kids to make using a paper towel roll, a piece of cardstock, and a little paint. And it looks great among other Christmas and winter decorations around the house.

Ice Skate Craft ice skate craft

Lace up those skates! This cute ice skate craft is fun to make in the winter time. Children trace an ice skate template onto black construction paper to create this project. A painted craft stick, yarn and colorful reinforcers complete this lovely winter decoration.

Cardinal Craft cardinal craft

This pretty cardinal craft is fun to make when learning about birds or the color red. It is a simple project that is made from cardstock, construction paper and feathers. When finished, it really brightens up a winter classroom bulletin board.

Snowman Sun Catcher Craft snowman sun catcher craft

This smiling snowman sun catcher craft is sure to brighten up any window this winter season. This snowman craft is a mess-free, kid-friendly winter craft that even very young kids can make.

Hot Chocolate Mug Craft hot chocolate mug craft

To us, winter fun means playing in the snow followed by a mug of hot chocolate. This hot chocolate craft was a huge hit with our preschooler. The appeal was painting with real chocolate syrup! This is an easy winter craft that even a young child can make.

Cotton Ball Snowman cotton ball snowman

This cotton ball snowman craft is a great craft for your children to display their creativity. It is also a fantastic preschool craft. Kids love glue and this craft uses a lot of it! Help your child "draw" the three circles with the glue and fill them in with the cotton balls. Help them use their imagination to accessorize the snowman and to draw in the scenery. This project is a great learning tool for your kids as you can teach them about shapes and colors and encourage them to tell a story about the snowman in their finished winter craft.

Mittens Craft mittens craft

Cut out a simple mitten shape, fold it in half and have your child paint a design on one side - the goopier the better! Then just fold the unpainted side over the painted side and press together to create a perfectly symmetrical pair of mittens and a great winter craft for kids.

Marshmallow Snowman Craft marshmallow snowman craft

This fun activity uses mini marshmallows to create a snowman craft. Children create three marshmallow circles to make their snowman and then add buttons, a face and hat to finish their project. It is a fun winter activity.

Q Tip Snowflake Craft q tip snowflake craft

Winter time means snow and these pretty snowflakes look adorable hanging from any classroom ceiling! Children glue q tips to construction paper to create their snowflakes. It is a very easy project that only requires a few materials.

Popsicle Stick Snowman Magnet Craft popsicle stick snowman magnet craft

This friendly snowman craft is perfect to make in the winter. Children paint popsicle sticks to create this project. When done, add a magnet to the back and you have a great seasonal decoration for the refrigerator.

Dot Snowmen Craft dot snowmen craft

This cute snowman craft uses bingo stampers to create colorful snowmen. Children practice counting and numeral recognition is this project. It is an easy activity that requires only a few materials.

Plastic Plate Snow Globe Craft plastic plate snow globe craft

Who is ready for some snow? Using the templates provided, children create a snow globe, a snowman and a hat and scarf. Adding some snowflake stickers and a plastic plate completes this cute snow globe craft.

Cotton Ball Snowflake Magnet Craft cotton ball snowflake magnet craft

This shiny snowflake is fun to make in the winter and when learning about snow. It only requires a few materials and is very easy to make.

Footprint Snowman Craft footprint snowman craft

This fun snowman craft is perfect to create during the winter! It uses your child's painted footprint as the body and looks great on any classroom bulletin board.

Paper Plate Snow Globe paper plate snow globe

This paper plate snow globe craft is a unique winter craft to make with your kids. Turn a couple of paper plates, paint and pom-poms into a cute (unbreakable!) snow globe with your kids. This is a great winter craft for slightly older children and really lets their creativity shine.

Icicle Craft icicle craft

This icicle craft is a quick, very fun craft for kids of multiple ages to make. The icicles are made using slightly watered down white glue, gravity and glitter! This makes a wonderful winter craft for kids and looks fantastic decorating a window in the winter.

Igloo Craft igloo craft

A make-up applicator sponge dipped in white paint makes perfect brick shapes to help create an igloo craft. This winter craft for kids is simple to do and was fun for both our toddler and our school-aged daughter.

Snowman Jar Craft snowman jar craft

Make a cute snowman in the warmth of your home with our cute snowman jar craft. Using a few cotton balls and some craft foam pieces, this fun winter craft is a great way to recycle an empty peanut butter jar while having fun with your kids.

Footprint Penguin penguin winter craft

Our daughter loves penguins - she even dressed as a penguin for Halloween and waddled around the neighborhood!  So this winter craft was created when she asked to make a penguin during craft time one weekend morning.  We both love it because the body of the penguin is made by tracing her foot so I plan to keep making footprint penguins every year to watch how my own little penguin has grown.

Shape Polar Bear polar bear craft

Turn circles, squares and ovals into a polar bear with this cute winter craft for kids. Our provided template makes this polar bear craft easy to do with toddlers and preschoolers and is a great way to spend a cold winter afternoon. Make sure to accessorize your polar bear to make this great winter craft even more fun for your kids to do.

Styrofoam Snowman snowman craft

Our styrofoam snowman craft is a cute winter craft that your children can be creative with. Our craft is a "basic" snowman, but encourage your children be creative with the snowman (or snowgirl's) accessories. Add a purse, a crown, a baseball bat, or cowboy hat to your snowperson to personalize it to your children's likes. It's a great winter craft for kids to do - let each child make their own snowperson and display as winter decorations!

Letter S Snow Craft letter s snow craft

This S is for Snow craft is a great way to teach young children about the sound the letter "s" makes and doubles as a fun winter craft as well. We used this as part of our letter of the week activities and our daughter had a great time making it snow on her letter S.

Paper Plate Snowman paper plate snowman

Our paper plate snowman craft is a great winter craft for kids to do on a cold, snowy afternoon because it uses materials that you most likely already have on hand. Paper plates, construction paper, and glue make up the majority of the craft with a few extras to make it fun for your children like buttons and felt. This is a bigger finished project and looks great hanging on the front door as a homemade winter decoration.

Snow Globe Craft snow globe craft

Does your child love watching the snow falling? Help them make their own snow globe so they can enjoy the snow indoors too! This is a simple winter craft that was a huge hit with our preschooler.

Snow Measuring Stick winter snow craft

Have you ever sat inside during a snow storm and wondered how deep the snow really was outside your door?  Have the kids guess at how deep it is and then measure it with our snow measuring stick.  This stick is a great kids winter craft and will even get your children talking about measurements!  It is also a beautiful addition to your winter landscape.

Styrofoam Penguin winter penguin craft

This craft was created for our toddler daughter who loves her penguins (she calls them "p's"). With a styrofoam body and a fun winter hat it's a great winter craft. This craft is intricate enough to keep older children engaged, but can also be adapted with a bit of prep work for younger children as well. We hope your children will enjoy this winter craft as much as our daughter does.

Cereal Snow Craft cereal snow craft

Turn some honeycomb shaped cereal into snowflakes and create a beautiful snowy day picture with your child. This simple winter craft is a great way to get your child's imagination going and is easy enough that even a toddler could do it.

Oval Penguin Craft oval penguin craft

Make a penguin out of ovals and triangles! This is a simple paper craft for kids that teaches them about shapes as well. This cute penguin craft is a great winter craft for kids and is perfect for even younger children.

Clay Pot Snowman winter snowman craft

The clay pot snowman craft is a great winter craft and decoration for your front porch. We made a scaled down version for inside the home, but using larger pots this craft would look fantastic sitting outside to welcome in your winter guests. Kids will love being able to use clay pots to make an original craft (and all the paint and googly eyes doesn't hurt either).

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