Check out our newest section of printable resources for teaching preschool age children numbers. We have a couple sets of printable number worksheets that we just finished that we know you will love. We also have some extra printable number activities like coloring by numbers and number coloring pages for you to use with your kids. Whether you are a teacher, homeschooling your children or just a parent looking for some printable number pages, this is the right place!

numbers 1 to 10 worksheets

1 - 10 Numbers Worksheets

This collection of free numbers worksheets focuses on the numbers from 1 to 10. We have a variey of activities including color by numbers, connect the dots, number matching, counting practice and more.

color by numbers

Color by Numbers

Combine the fun activity of coloring with some early math skills and you have our color by numbers section!

practice counting

Counting Numbers Practice

Learn to count to the numbers between one and twenty. The pages include pictures and ask the children to count the objects and circle the appropriate number.

fill in missing numbers

Fill in the Missing Numbers Worksheets

Help kids count to 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 with these printable counting worksheets. Children are asked to fill in the missing numbers in the grids. Some of the numbers are already filled out to help kids along. These counting numbers worksheets make a good addition to any kindergarten lesson plan.

printable numbers worksheets

Kids Printable Number Worksheets

Help kids learn their numbers with these number worksheets that we created for preschool children. This set of free worksheets was designed to help kids learn to print the words for each number as well as reinforce counting to the numbers between one and ten.

numbers matching game

Number Matching Game

Kids will have fun practicing their ability to count from zero to nine with this number matching game. Just cut out the cards with numbers and dots and match the numbers to the cards with the right amount of dots.

number coloring pages

Numbers Coloring Pages

Have fun reviewing the numbers with your kids by coloring them! What child doesn't enjoy coloring? These coloring pages are a great way to passively teach your kids their numbers.

ordinal numbers worksheets

Ordinal Numbers Worksheets

Check out our collection of worksheets aimed at teaching kids ordinal numbers. We have a nice variety of different worksheets that kids will enjoy while learning and practicing recognition of ordinal numbers. This set of worksheets will have kids cutting, coloring, drawing lines and more while practicing ordinal numbers!

practice printing numbers

Practice Writing Numbers

Teach kids to print the numbers from one to twenty. This set of free number worksheets will help kids practice printing the numbers - both the digit and the word. Perfect for preschoolers - whether at home or in the classroom.

counting practice worksheets

Themed Counting Practice Pages

Help kids practice counting with these fun themed worksheets. Kids are asked to circle a specific number of something related to the theme of the worksheet. Each free worksheet has four sections for counting practice.

themed counting worksheets

Themed Counting Worksheets

Check out all of our themed counting worksheets for kids. We have free worksheets for all the seasons, holidays and more! Each of these themed worksheets have a number of themed images and kids are asked to count them and circle the correct number at the bottom of the page.

tracing numbers

Traceable Numbers Worksheets for Kids

Teach children the numbers between 1 and 10. These printable pages are geared specifically towards preschool age kids. These free worksheets will help your teach kids their basic numbers and let them have some fun doing it.