Check out our selection of paper plate crafts for kids. We found that so many of our kids crafts were using paper plates that we decide we should dedicate a section to it. Paper plates are such a cheap craft supply and make a perfect starting point for so many kids crafts. And since so many people have paper plates already in their house, its typically a readily available craft supply. Take a look through our kids paper plate crafts below and have some fun just like we did making these!

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Pirate Craft paper plate pirate craft

This paper plate pirate craft is a fun summer activity. Children decorate a paper plate to make this friendly pirate. It is a perfect craft for a camp or school doing a pirate themed week!

Paper Plate Bunny paper plate bunny

Make a cute bunny rabbit head from a paper plate. Cover the paper plate with cotton balls and add the ears, eyes, mouth and whiskers for an adorable bunny. We made this one for Easter, but it can be just a regular bunny too.

Paper Plate Turkey paper plate turkey

We made this craft during Thanksgiving and our daughter really liked it. Make your turkey out of a paper plate and some construction paper and depending on how much extra you want to do, you can also add fun accessories.

Paper Plate Ladybug paper plate ladybug

Most kids love ladybugs and this is a fun way to use a paper plate for a craft. Follow our directions and make this really cute ladybug with your kids.

Paper Plate Jellyfish paperplate jellyfish craft

This is a neat paper plate craft for kids and is a little different from most others. You'll need two paper plates for this one to make the body of the jellyfish and then tissue paper to make this fun craft.

Paper Plate Snowman paper plate snowman

Make this fun snowman using paper plates, construction paper, glue and just a few extras like buttons and felt to dress him up. This paper plate snowman makes for a great winter or christmas craft.

Paper Plate Sun paper plate sun

Make a happy sun using a paper plate, some paint and a little construction paper. This is another fun and simple craft and is great at the beach or anytime during the summer.

Paper Plate Birds Nest paper plate birds nest

Use our template along with a paper plate, tissue paper and some construction paper to make this birds nest complete with hatching baby birds.

Paper Plate Fish paper plate fish

Make a cool fish out of a paper plate. All you need is a paper plate and some paint and kids can use their imagination to make their fish. Let them make a few of different colors and design. This is a fun one even for very small kids.

Paper Plate Pumpkin paper plate pumpkin

You don't need much to make a pumpkin out of a paper plate - just some paint and a little time. Little kids will love this one and its really fun during the fall or right around halloween.

Paper Plate Spider Web paper plate spider web

Make a spider web using a paper plate and some string. Kids will get a kick out of this paper plate craft and they can make their spider web as simple or complex as they like.

Paper Plate Reindeer paper plate reindeer

This is a fun kids craft using a paper plate. Make the antlers from handprints and use the paper plate as the head. This craft is perfect during the winter season.

Paper Plate Shamrock paper plate shamrock

Kids will have fun making this large shamrock out of paper plates. This is a simple and fun craft and we did this during St. Patrick's Day, but you can do anytime.