Dinosaurs are one of those topics that all kids (and adults!) find fascinating. Whether your child is a princess fanatic or a baseball lover, somehow they all gravitate towards dinosaurs. Our daughter has loved them since she first saw a dinosaur toy so we knew she would enjoy this set of dinosaur crafts and we were right! From our dinosaur sock puppet craft to our Shape-A-Saurus craft, we've made a collection of dinosaur crafts your children are sure to enjoy. We have done all of these dinosaur crafts in our own home, many of them with our own daughter, so that we can assure you they are child-friendly and easy to do.

Kids Dinosaur Crafts

Tissue Paper Dinosaur Craft Tissue Paper Dinosaur Craft

This tissue paper dinosaur craft is a fantastic toddler dinosaur craft or preschool dinosaur craft. Made from our provided template, contact paper (no glue!) and small squares of tissue paper, even very young children can make this dinosaur craft. The end result is a wonderful homemade dinosaur decoration for you windows.

Shape-A-Saurus Craft Shape-A-Saurus

When you combine eight different shapes together to construct a dinosaur, you create a Shape-A-Saurus! Use our provided template, construction paper and glue to teach your children their shapes while making this fantastic preschool dinosaur craft.

Salt Dough Fossil Craft Salt Dough Fossils

Try making your own fossils with this salt dough fossil craft! Salt dough is a very easy dough to make, mold, bake and paint. Turn it into fossils by pressing dinosaur toys or your child's own feet into the dough to make imprints. This is a fun dinosaur craft that your kids will love.

Paper Bag Dinosaur Craft Paper Bag Dinosaur Craft

This paper bag dinosaur craft is an easy and fun craft that uses grocery size paper bags and paint to create huge dinosaurs. It is a good art activity that can be used in conjunction with a dinosaur unit.

Dinosaur Sock Puppet Craft dinosaur sock puppet

It's a sock...it's a puppet...it's Sock-A-Saurus-Rex! Turn a sock into a dinosaur with our dinosaur sock puppet craft. This is a fantastic preschool craft that turns into a fun toy when you are finished making it! Let your child's imagination take over when you make this dinosaur sock puppet craft.

Dinosaur Color Matching Game Dinosaur Color Match Dig

Turn a lesson on colors and dinosaurs into a fun game with an added sensory twist for your kids! Print our provided dinosaur and color cards. Bury your dinosaur cards in a pan of uncooked rice for your child to find and then match to the corresponding color card. This is a fun dinosaur game that is perfect for toddlers or preschoolers.

Dinosaur Egg Craft dinosaur egg craft

What do you think a dinosaur egg looked like? With this fun dinosaur egg craft you can watch your children's ideas take shape. Turn a plain styrofoam egg into a dinosaur egg with just a little paint and a lot of imagination.

Dinosaur Fossil Game Dinosaur Fossil Puzzle Dig

Turn your kids into paleontologists with this fun dinosaur fossil game! Bury our printable dinosaur puzzle pieces in a tray of uncooked rice and let your kids find and assemble their dinosaur skeletons. This dinosaur fossil game makes a fantastic preschool dinosaur activity to do with your kids.

Handprint Dinosaur Craft handprint dinosaur craft

Turn our template, some finger paint and your child's handprints into their very own stegosaurus with our handprint dinosaur craft! Your child's handprints form the spikes on the dinosaurs back in this easy preschool dinosaur craft.