With it's spiky back, the stegosaurus is a child-favorite. This handprint dinosaur craft was inspired by the stegosaurus. It is a fantastic dinosaur preschool craft and it's very easy to set up and do. All you need is our template, some finger paint, and some tiny hands ready to paint! Your child's tiny fingers make the spikes on their very own stegosaurus. Our daughter really enjoyed this craft, as you can see by her finished craft pictured below, and we hope your children will as well.

What you'll need:

How to make your handprint dinosaur craft:
  • Print out our dinosaur template.
  • Have your children paint the dinosaur whatever color they would like.
  • Get your child's hand coated in paint and press their handprint along the dinosaur's back so that their fingers stick up off of the dino like spikes on a stegosaurus.
Handprint Dinosaur Craft