Kids are sure to love these dental health crafts.  We have a few different fun dental crafts to choose from below that children will really enjoy doing and will provide the basis for educating children about the importance of dental health.  These fun dental crafts will get kids excited about brushing their teeth and keep even the youngest of children engaged.

Dental Crafts

White Tooth Craft painting tooth craft

This tooth craft is a wonderful way to show kids how brushing their teeth keeps them white and clean. Start with a paper yellow tooth and use a paint brush and white paint to transform it to a healthy tooth. This is a great dental health month craft and a fun and easy craft for kids of any age.

Brush the Cavities Away Craft brush teeth craft

This is an excellent dental health craft for kids and so easy to set up and do. Draw cavities on a tooth and let your child brush them away with a toothbrush. This tooth craft is a great example of how to keep your teeth healthy and cavity free!

Captain Toothbrush Craft tooth and toothbrush craft

Teeth brushing will never be a chore after making the Healthy Tooth Magnet and Superhero Toothbrush Craft. Make your own toothbrush hero and healthy tooth from a toothbrush, wiggly eyes, felt, glue, markers, cardstock, and scissors. Once complete, children can fly their toothbrush into action!