After being asked “why do we have to brush our teeth again?” for the third night this week we decided to create an example for our kids so they could see exactly what brushing our teeth every night can do.  Drawing the cavities on the tooth and having them brush them away was a fun way to explain dental health to our girls.  We even drew some “sugar buggies” on the tooth (since that is what our dentist calls them).  Our two year old had so much fun with this and it was a great dental health craft.

What you'll need:

  • Tooth template
  • Sheet protector
  • White paper
  • Tooth brush
  • Dry erase marker (preferably black)
How to make your Brush the Cavities Away Craft
  1. Print our tooth template onto white paper and put it into the sheet protector.
  2. Draw small black circles on the tooth.
  3. Hand kids a toothbrush and let them brush the cavities away.

** Make sure you let the ink dry a little bit after drawing the cavities on the sheet protector.  If you don’t the ink smears when it is brushed rather than wiping cleanly away.

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