This is our section of what we are calling fantasy crafts. If you are looking for fairy tale crafts, make believe crafts or other type of fantasy craft, this is our section to keep them. So far, we have created some fairy crafts, dress-up crafts, as well as monster, unicorns and more. We hope you enjoy the crafts we've created below and we'll be adding more!

Kids Fantasy Crafts

Paper Plate Pirate Craft paper plate pirate craft

This paper plate pirate craft is a fun summer activity. Children decorate a paper plate to make this friendly pirate. It is a perfect craft for a camp or school doing a pirate themed week!

Bubble Wrap Print Dragon Craft bubble wrap dragon craft

Dragons don't have to be scary, especially this cute bubble wrap print dragon. This craft involves painting bubble wrap and then leaving a print on your dragons face. How cool is that? This project will be irresistible to those preschool age kids.

Unicorn Craft unicorn craft

Unicorns with their magic horn are one of my daughter's favorite mythical creatures. This is a simple unicorn craft using a craft foam base (from our provided template) and decorations using anything you have on hand. This cute unicorn craft is a great letter "Uu" craft, mythical/medieval creatures craft or even a My Little Pony craft. We made this craft with a group of children so it would be a great party activity as well.

Shape Castle Craft shape castle craft

Looking for a castle craft that even younger children can do? This Shape Castle Craft is a wonderful paper craft that can be adapted to kids of all different skill levels. It's a fun way to get kids to identify shapes and create a really fun craft in the process. Our Shape Castle Craft is great for a royalty craft or fantasy craft and is one that is sure to be a hit with your kids.

Dragon Breathing Fire Craft dragon breathing fire craft

This dragon cup craft turned out to be so much fun we had to make one for the whole family. Simply cover a cup in green paper, attach red streamers to the front of the cup and cut an opening in the bottom and when your child blows through the opening the streamers blow and look like fire!

Stamp Castle Craft stamp castle craft

Use a make-up sponge and gray paint to add ´┐Żbricks' to our castle template to create this great Stamp Castle Craft. This castle craft makes a wonderful fantasy themed craft and creates the perfect backdrop for your kids to create their own royal world.

Dragon Craft dragon craft

This dragon craft is simple to put together and goes great with any of our castle crafts as well. Simply print out the pieces and glue or tape them together. Your kids can decorate their dragon with paint, sequins, glitter and more to make into a dragon of their very own.

Floating Fairy Doll fairy doll craft

Elementary-aged girls will be thrilled to create their own Floating Fairy Dolls from pretty tissue paper and colored cardstock. Once complete, take your fairy everywhere as a hairclip, pin, or puppet. Your daughter can even create a whole world of fairies!

Make Believe Mask make believe mask craft

Bring out your child's creative side with this customizable mask. Children can create a mask fit for royalty, a bandit, or for some other imaginative creature. Make believe has never been so fun!

Monster Puppet Craft monster puppets craft

This interactive and creative craft is tons of fun for the elementary-aged crowd. Children will love crafting scary, funny, and odd looking puppets, which are bound to put a smile on your face when you see them perform a puppet show!

Fairy Jewels Craft fairy jewels craft

Ready for some fun? Try out this easy to make craft, suitable for children of all ages. Kids will love to see their simple crayon designs melt and shine on the surface of rocks. Afterwards, children will have fun comparing their designs and shining them to perfection!

Abandoned Treasure Adventure Board Game treasure game craft

How often have your kids dreamt of discovery abandoned treasure? Now they can with the make-your-own game board, complete with instructions on how to design this unique game, as well as how to play the game with a friend!

Munching Monster Craft munching monster craft

Move over Cookie Monster´┐Ż there is a new monster in town.. the Munching Monster! Preschools will delight in this simplistic and imaginative craft. Once completed, this converted wipes box will snap, snap, snap up toys or a collection of treasures!

Princess, Wizard and Adventurer Hats princess wizard hats craft

Provide hours of make-believe fun for your young one. Allow children of all ages to craft a princess, wizard, and adventurer hat from simple, household materials. Afterwards, children will love donning these hats and becoming a young adventurer, wizard, and princess!

Pirate Treasure Chest Craft pirate treasure chest craft

Is your child looking for a place to store all of his or her beloved treasures? Children will love creating the Pirate's Booty Treasure Chest using simple household items. The search afterwards for the perfect treasures to place inside will add to the fun. This craft will be treasured by both preschoolers and elementary-aged children.