Who says fairies are not real? This cute and fun craft is sure to spark the interest of your elementary-aged daughter! She will delight in choosing a beautiful outfit for her fairy, equipping her with wings, and then choosing to make her into a hair clip, pin, or puppet for additional fun!

What you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue or hot glue
  • Large craft bead
  • Black and red fine-tipped Sharpie
  • 2 pipe cleaners (different colors)
  • Small piece of tissue paper
  • 1 piece of colored cardstock
  • 6 small beads
  • Yarn or string
  • Floating Fairy Doll template
  • Markers
  • Wooden dowel, pin, or hair clip (optional)
  • Sequins (optional)
How to make your Floating Fairy Doll craft:
  1. Take one of the pipe cleaners and fold it in half. Using the scissors, carefully cut the pipe cleaner. Fold one piece of the pipe cleaner in half again and cut along the crease. (see photos)
  2. Take the longer piece of pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Push it into the large wooden bead. Fold up the bottom of each of the pipe cleaners to form the fairy's feet. (see photos)
  3. Take one of the shorter pieces of pipe cleaner and twist it around the center of the doll to form the arms (see photos)
  4. Print out the Floating Fairy Doll template on colored cardstock and cut out the dress template. Decorate one side only of the two dresses with sequins and markers. Allow glue to dry. Glue one of the dresses to the front of the fairy and one of the dresses to the back of the fairy, making sure that the decorations are facing out. Glue the two dresses together so that there are no gaps. (see photos)
  5. Take the other colored pipe cleaner and cut of a small piece to form the wand. Place the six beads on the end and twist one of the fairy's arms around the wand. Bend the other arm. (see photos)
  6. Using the Floating Fairy Doll template, cut out the wings, trace onto tissue paper, and glue to the back of the fairy. Allow the glue to dry completely (see photos)
  7. If you would like, glue a wooden dowel on the back of the fairy to create a puppet, or glue a hair clip or pin onto the back to carry the fairy with you!
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