Our daughter has loved music since the very beginning. Children's songs, classical scores, even alternative rock - she's loved it all. She was given a "real" music set very early on and it gets used multiple times a week. We started making musical instrument crafts with her and they were a huge hit. Some of them have even taken up permanent residence in her music kit! These music crafts for kids are all very easy to do and are perfect for younger children as well. Many of these crafts use jingle bells or beans which are small, so if you are doing these instrument crafts with young children please supervise them closely and make sure all the crafts are sealed well so no little pieces escape. As always, these crafts were all made in our own home so we know they are all child friendly and fun. Enjoy making these music crafts with your children and create your own family band!

Kids Music Crafts

Tissue Box Guitar Craft guitar craft

Make a fun guitar craft for your kids so that they can strum along to their favorite songs. Using different sized rubber bands adds an extra element of fun to this simple music craft and turns it into a great listening exercise as well. This is made out of materials you most likely already have on hand, making it a great craft for a rainy day.

Tambourine Craft tambourine craft

This tambourine craft is so easy to make, yet it provides so much entertainment when it's done. Your child will love shaking the beat to their favorite song with their very own tambourine. This fun music craft for kids may require a little bit of adult help (just to tie the bells on), but the bulk of the decorating can be left all to the kids and their great imaginations.

Bottle Rattle Craft kids music craft

Recycle an empty plastic water bottle into a fun musical craft for your child! This craft is easy enough for a toddler to put together (well supervised, of course) and they will love playing with it and making music for hours. This rattle bottle craft is a fantastic music craft and a simple instrument craft for kids.

Paper Plate Shaker Craft paper plate shaker craft

Make your own paper plate shaker craft with materials you most likely already have in the house. Decorate a paper plate and then fold to make a pouch. Add some dried beans and shake, shake, shake! This is a simple music craft for kids that they are sure to enjoy.

Bell Bracelet Craft bell music craft

Turn a pipe cleaner, some bells and beads into a unique music craft for kids. Help your child string the beads and bells onto a pipe cleaner to make a wearable shaker instrument they will love to play with.

Drum Craft drum craft

Recycle an empty container into a fun drum for kids with our container drum craft. All you need is an empty container with a plastic lid, some stickers and a spoon and you can create a great music craft for kids. This homemade instrument is sure to keep them busy long after the craft is over.

Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo Craft kazoo craft

By adding a little wax paper to the end of a toilet paper roll, you can help your child make this fun toilet paper roll kazoo craft. This is a simple music craft to make and a great way to show your child that you can make music using all sorts of different items.