Check out our collection of Groundhog day crafts and activities for kids. We have a few different crafts and activities to choose from that fit well with the Groundhog Day theme. From our pop up groundhog, to our groundhog shadow craft and even our shadow matching game, we are sure you will enjoying doing these with your kids and that they will love them too. Just click on any of the links below to view the detailed information about each Groundhog Day craft or activity.

Kids Groundhog Day Crafts

Groundhog Pancake Craft groundhog pancake craft

This delicious groundhog pancake craft is a fun activity to do when discussing Groundhog’s Day. Children use pre-made pancakes, whipped cream and chocolate morsels to make this edible craft. It is a good activity to do when reviewing circles and sizes.

Paper Plate Groundhog Puppet Craft paper plate groundhog puppet craft

This friendly groundhog puppet craft is fun to make when learning about Groundhog’s Day or the color brown. Children paint a paper plate brown and then add foam teeth and whiskers and paper ears to make this puppet.

Groundhog and his Shadow Craft groundhog shadow craft

Make a groundhog and its shadow with this cute groundhog's day craft. Print our provided template and then paint the groundhog with a toothbrush to create fur. Then use a brad to attach the groundhog's shadow and your child can play with your finished Groundhog's day craft to see if he sees his shadow or not.

Groundhog Puppet Craft groundhog puppet craft

This cute groundhog puppet craft is a fun activity to do when learning about Groundhog Day. It is a simple project that only requires a few materials and can be done in a short time.

Potato Stamp Groundhog Craft potato stamp groundhog craft

With our Potato Groundhog's day craft your child can pick whether we have an early spring or a longer winter just by picking clouds or a sun to add to the finished project. This groundhog's day craft for kids is great for preschoolers and is a lot of fun to do and it gets them talking about the tale behind the day.

Heart Groundhog Craft groundhog shadow craft

This cute groundhog's day craft for kids is a simple paper craft that teaches shapes and sizes too. Use our free printable template to create this cute groundhog out of hearts.

Pop Up Groundhog groundhog day craft

Make this cute groundhog craft with your kids and make him pop up from his hole. This cute little craft is a great kids Groundhog Day craft and its easy to do using our printable groundhog template. When your down, make the groundhog pop out and see if he see's his own shadow.

Groundhog Coloring Page groundhog coloring page

Kids love to color and this cute groundhog is perfect for any young child to color for Groundhog Day. We drew this cute groundhog ourselves for our daughter to color and she loved it and now he's yours to print and let your kids color.

Shadow Matching Game shadow game

This shadow matching game is perfect for kids around Groundhog Day since it gets kids to think about shadows and match objects with their shadows. Print out our template to make the game pieces.