February is the month for hearts and groundhogs, so we combined both to make our groundhog's day craft. Our heart groundhog is a paper craft made from three different sized hearts, making it a great preschool craft for learning shapes and sizes. Use our printable templates to make you very own Puxatawny Phil.

What you'll need:

How to make your Heart Groundhog Craft

  1. Print our template and cut out the pieces. Trace the largest heart and ears on brown paper, the medium heart and eyes on white, and the smallest heart on black paper. Cut the pieces out. Also cut out 6 small strips of black paper to use as whiskers.
  2. Hold the brown heart so that it is upside down. Glue the two ears onto either side of the heart. Glue the white heart on the bottom of the brown heart so that some of the white shows through to the other side. These are the groundhog's teeth so you want to see them when you flip the heart over.
  3. Flip the heart over. Draw black circles as pupils on the eyes and glue them to the heart. Glue the black heart onto as a nose. Glue three whiskers onto either side of the nose as whiskers.
  4. Draw a mouth onto the groundhog under his nose.
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