In preparation for Groundhog's day we've been playing a lot with shadows in our house, so it was only fitting to make a craft that included a shadow. Our daughter instantly loved this Groundhog's day craft. She was hooked from the point where I told her to paint the groundhog brown using a toothbrush! Using a toothbrush was a fun twist to a very simple craft and it created more realistic fur. Add the groundhog's shadow using a brad and your child can determine if the groundhog will see his shadow or not. This is a simple Groundhog's day craft for kids that even younger children will really enjoy.

What you'll need:

  • Groundhog Template
  • Brown paint
  • Black construction paper
  • Lightweight cardboard (old cereal boxes work well here)
  • Toothbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Brass brad
  • Optional small hole punch

How to make your Groundhog Shadow Craft

  1. Print our groundhog template. Cut it out and then glue it to a piece of lightweight cardboard to give it some strength.
  2. Let your child paint the groundhog brown with a toothbrush.
  3. Once the groundhog is dry, cut it out of the cardboard piece.
  4. Print the template out again. Cut it out and trace it onto a piece of black construction paper and cut that out as well. The black groundhog piece will be his shadow.
  5. Lay the groundhog's shadow under the painted groundhog and push a brad through towards its tail-end.
groundhog shadow craft

groundhog day craft

kids groundhog day craft

groundhog and his shadow craft

groundhog craft