Children make this cute groundhog pancake by arranging five pre-made pancakes on a plate to resemble a groundhog. While using the terms big, medium and little children can figure out how to make their groundhog. Two squirts of whipped cream with a chocolate morsel make the eyes and two more squirts of whipped cream make the teeth.When finished, children can eat their creations!!

What you'll need:

  • One large pre-made pancake
  • Two medium pre-made pancakes
  • Two small pre-made pancakes
  • Whipped cream
  • Three chocolate morsels
  • Plate

How to make your Groundhog Pancake

  1. Put the large pancake in the center of the plate and place the two medium pancakes behind the large pancake to resemble ears.
  2. Squirt to drops of whipped cream onto the large pancake to make the eyes.
  3. Place a chocolate morsel onto each eye.
  4. Place a chocolate morsel under the eyes to create a nose and each of the small pancakes under the nose as shown to make the cheeks.
  5. Squirt two drops of the whipped cream under the cheeks to make the teeth.
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