Big fish, little fish, wooden fish and paper fish - our collection of kids fish crafts has them all! Our fish crafts for kids are made with a variety of materials, from unfinished wood pieces to contact paper. These kids fish crafts are perfect to use as preschool crafts, or even as toddler crafts as our daughter assisted in making many of them! Because these fish crafts were all made in our own home, with our own daughter, we can assure you that they are all child-friendly and fun!

Fish Crafts for Kids

CD Fish Craft cd fish craft

This fun cd fish craft is made from an old cd and blue cellophane. It is a great craft to make in the summer or when learning about the ocean. If making at a school or camp, you can create a large ocean scene and add a whole school of fish!

Bottle Cap Fish Craft bottle cap fish craft

This fun bottle cap fish craft is fun to make in the summer, when learning about the ocean or when reviewing shapes or colors. The fish are made from bottle caps and foam. After adding painted fish bubbles, tissue paper seaweed and paper ocean creatures, you have a pretty underwater scene!

Paper Roll Tissue Paper Fish tissue paper fish craft

This brightly colored fish craft is perfect to create during an ocean unit and to brighten up a classroom. Kids can be creative with exactly what colors of tissue paper they use to make their fish.

X-Ray Fish Craft x-ray fish craft

Need a fun alternative to a typical fish craft? Try our x-ray fish craft! Made from black posterboard, contact paper and our printable template this x-ray fish makes a great preschool craft.

Paper Plate Fish paper plate fish craft

This paper plate fish craft is a fantastic toddler craft. We made this with our daughter when she was about 18 months old and she had a fantastic time. Using paint, glue and large pieces our daughter was able to help with all aspects of this fun fish craft for kids.

Handprint Fish Craft handprint fish craft

This colorful fish craft is fun to make in the summer. Children paint their hands orange to create the body and use a black marker to color stripes. It is an easy project that only requires a few materials. Make it a two day project in since the paint will need to dry.

Tissue Paper Fish Craft tissue paper fish craft

Our tissue paper fish craft is one of our family's all time favorite crafts. This fish craft is the perfect toddler or preschool craft and it turns out looking fantastic every time. With squares of tissue paper stuck on clear contact paper, this craft creates a stained glass effect. Our daughter was not quite 2 years old when we did this fish craft with her and she loved it.

Fish Picture Frame fish frame craft

This fish picture frame craft turns a simple unpainted wooden fish shape into a fantastic frame for your favorite picture. This fish craft makes a fantastic homemade gift or decoration. It is a fantastic preschool craft - perfect for children to use their imaginations to come up with their own special fish.

Magnetic Fishing Game fishing game craft

Use our template to make this fun magnetic fishing game for your kids! A magnet and some paper clips turn a handful of paper fish into a great preschool activity. Our game started out simple (a way to practice hand-eye coordination with our toddler daughter), but we'll soon try writing letters or numbers on the fish to make it a fun preschool learning activity! Please make sure to supervise your children while they play this game as it uses magnets, small paper clips and length of string.

Handprint Fish Bowl handprint fish bowl craft

Turn your child's handprint into a cute fish swimming in a fish bowl with this handprint fish craft. This fish craft for kids is a great way to entertain your children while creating a keepsake for yourself! Making this handprint fish craft is very simple and with fun materials (dried beans for gravel) your child will love it.

Fishing Frame Craft fishing frame craft

Do you have a treasured photo of your child catching their first fish or going on their first fishing trip? This fishing frame craft is the perfect way to display it and your kids will have a blast creating it! This fish craft is made from unfinished wood pieces and a little bit of paint and wire (though you could use string instead). This is also a great homemade gift for a fisherman in the family.

Aquarium Craft aquarium craft

We have yet to meet a child that doesn't love looking at aquariums and, with this craft, your children can make one of their very own. This aquarium craft is a simple preschool craft that will encourage your kids to be creative. Use our template to print and cut out some plain fish that your children can decorate anyway they would like.

Shape Fish shape fish craft

Construction paper shapes (made with our printable template) make up this cute shape fish craft. This fish craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to help them learn to identify and name their shapes. It's also a great learning tool to show your children that putting different shapes together is a fun way to create new things. This fish craft is easy to do and your kids will love it.

Toddler Fish Craft toddler fish craft

Need a fun and simple fish craft to do with a toddler? This fish craft is perfect for toddlers. Print out our fish template and let your kids use the materials and their imagination to make their unique fish.

Heart Fish heart fish craft

This heart fish craft is a fun twist on the simple paper fish craft. Made from construction paper and glue it is a great toddler and preschool craft. Our daughter had a lot of fun with this craft and we hope your children will as well.