Check out our selection of kids Easter crafts below. We have several different versions of Easter bunny crafts that kids are sure to love. We also have plenty more ideas for Easter eggs, Easter baskets and more. If you are looking for some fun and simple Easter crafts to keep the kids busy and engaged, then you've come to the right place!

Kids Easter Crafts

Easter Egg Sun Catcher easter egg sun catcher craft

Use tissue paper and contact paper to create this beautiful Easter egg sun catcher craft. This craft is perfect for children of all ages and abilities and is a great (and non-messy!) way to have your child decorate an Easter egg.

Easter Bunny Ears easter bunny ears craft

One of the most classic Easter crafts is the tried and true Easter Bunny ears! This is a great craft for kids that they can wear and play around in. Make a set of ears for everyone in the family - take a picture and you have a priceless Easter card.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny paper plate easter bunny craft

Make your own fluffy Easter Bunny from items around the house! Lots of glue and cotton balls make this preschool craft a kid favorite. Plus, this one looks great hung on the front door to welcome people over for Easter dinner.

Handprint Easter Basket handprint easter basket

Our handprint Easter basket craft is a simple paper craft that turns out cute every time. This craft uses their handprints as the grass in the basket and then they can decorate the eggs and the basket itself. This Easter basket craft would make a wonderful craft to do in a classroom setting or with a group of children.

Easter Cross Craft Easter cross craft

This pretty craft stick Easter Cross craft is fun to make when celebrating Easter. Children paint two craft sticks brown, glue them together to form a cross and place in an egg carton section stand. A strip of purple felt is cut and glued onto the cross and flower stickers are placed onto the egg carton section.

Stuck Easter Bunny Craft cute easter bunny bottom craft

This cute Easter craft looks like a bunny got his head stuck in the ground digging in the flowers! Fun for all ages and would be a great centerpiece for your Easter celebration.

Easter Cones Craft easter cones craft

These adorable cones are awesome to make for friends or teachers with a little hidden egg with candy on the inside! This is fun for all ages and can be made at home, school, or church.

Milk Carton Easter Bunny Basket milk carton easter bunny craft

Recycle an empty cardboard milk carton by turning it into a cute Easter basket that looks like a bunny! This milk carton bunny basket craft is a cute Easter craft for kids. This basket is great to use for Easter egg hunts or even as a homemade basket to hold an Easter gift for someone special.

Popsicle Stick Chick Magnet Craft popsicle stick chick craft

In our preschool class, we get live chick eggs every spring. There is a great excitement when the eggs hatch! We combine this activity with learning all about chicks. Our art activity for our chicks unit is this popsicle stick chick magnet craft. All of the students' chicks look adorable on our file cabinet.

Easter Egg Chick easter egg chick craft

This one is adorable and is sure to give you and your child a smile! It's easy to do and uses many different textures which is great for keeping children engaged.

Easter Egg Bunny easter egg bunny craft

This adorable craft is made from a styrofoam egg and pipe cleaners! It's easy to do and your kids can have fun accessorizing their Easter bunny (our family favorite is to attach some fabric to the back of the egg as a cape and make "Super Easter Bunny"!)

Easter Bunny Bag easter bunny bag craft

Want a homemade Easter basket that is both simple and cute? Try our Easter Bunny Bag craft! Use our provided template to cut out all of the pieces you need to create this cute Easter basket. This is a fantastic Easter craft for kids and would make a great project to do with a large group before an Easter egg hunt.

Peek-A-Boo Chick peek-a-boo chick craft

Watch the baby chick hatch out of the egg in this peek-a-boo chick craft! This craft is a tried and true kid favorite and we've made it easier (with our included template) and sturdier (using craft foam) than before. This peek-a-boo chick makes a fantastic preschool craft for Easter and a great decoration when you are done.

Easter Egg Sponge Painting easter egg sponge painting craft

Use sponges to create you own Easter egg stamps! This is a simple craft that even young children would be able to do. After the eggs are stamped on the paper you can add other decorations to make each egg unique.

Foam Egg Bunny foam egg bunny craft

Make the Easter bunny out of a foam Easter egg! This foam egg bunny is a cute preschool craft for Easter, that's made even easier using our included template. All you need to do is to cut the pieces out of craft foam and assemble them. You could even add a magnet on the back and give this foam egg bunny craft as a gift! Encourage your kids to use their imaginations as you combine two of the icons of Easter into one fantastic homemade Easter decoration with your kids.

Baby Chick Basket baby chick basket craft

This cute chick craft is really an Easter basket in disguise! Made from a paper plate and a few construction paper additions, this cute craft goes together quickly and is a big hit. This chick paper plate basket craft is unique and is sure to make their basket stand out from the crowd.

Sock Puppet Bunny sock puppet bunny craft

This sock puppet rabbit is a great Easter craft to encourage your children to use their imaginations! Turn a sock into a bunny with a little felt, glue and googly eyes. When you are done with this one, you have a fun toy.

Foam Egg Chick foam egg chick craft

Turn a foam Easter egg into a baby chick! Add some wings, feet and a beak to an Easter egg and your cute foam egg chick makes a fantastic homemade Easter decoration. We've included a template to make this foam egg chick craft even easier to put together. It makes a great preschool craft and helps your kids see a common object in a whole new way.

Easter Egg Puzzle Game easter egg puzzle game

This Easter egg puzzle game is a great way to add a fun new twist to an ordinary Easter egg hung. write a clue on puzzle pieces to lead kids to their Easter baskets; then put the pieces in plastic eggs and hide them. This great Easter game for kids encourages your kids to work together to solve the puzzle to find their baskets.

Foam Easter Eggs foam easter eggs craft

Our foam Easter egg craft has all he fun of decorating Easter eggs with none of the mess of dye! Use our provided template to cut out the foam eggs, then let your kids decorate them with sequins, glitter, dyed pasta and more. Let their imaginations run wild with this one, then hang up their eggs as a fun decoration.

Paper Easter Egg paper easter egg craft

This paper Easter egg craft is an easy child-led Easter craft. Provide your child lots of fun materials to decorate their Easter egg with and let them have fun with it. This one is easy enough for even very young children and is a great way for kids to be creative.

Easter Bunny Place Card Holder easter bunny place card holder

This craft is a great way to get your child involved in preparing for Easter dinner, and makes a great addition to your family table! It's also a great keepsake for your family members to take home with them.

Easter Egg Wreath easter egg wreath craft

This craft is a fantastic way for your child to express their creativity. Let them personalize each egg that gets put on the wreath! This one makes a great gift for the grandparents.

Easter Guessing Game easter guessing game

This is a great game that works on two different levels depending on the age of the child. For younger children it is a sensory experience where they can listen to different sounds and touch different textures. For older children it involves reasoning and memory skills. A great way to pass the time as a family and incorporate the holiday theme.

Easter Bingo easter bingo

What better way to entertain your family, both kids and adults, on Easter than with a game of Easter Bingo! We have templates for 6 different bingo cards. The pictures on the cards are black and white so that your children can personalize their cards and color them in themselves.

Printable Easter Activities

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