This little foam egg chick craft was a huge hit at our house! Our toddler daughter enjoys crafts like this lately, where you get to assemble all of the pieces into a cute finished project! We made a few of these little guys to give out as homemade Easter gifts for grandparents and family and kept one for ourselves as a cute homemade Easter decoration! All you need is our included template, craft foam, some glue and googly eyes and your kids can create this great preschool Easter craft too!

What you'll need:

How to make your Foam Egg Chick:
  • Print our Foam Egg Chick template, cut the pieces out and trace them onto craft foam. Cut out your craft foam pieces.
  • Glue one wing on each side of the egg.
  • Glue red squiggly part to the top of the egg.
  • Glue two googly eyes onto the egg.
  • Glue the beak onto the egg.
  • Glue both feet to the bottom of the egg.
  • Optional: Add a magnet to the back of your finished chick!
foam easter egg chick