Check out all of our free printable worksheets! These worksheets are perfect for any teacher, parent, homeschooler or other caregiver who is looking for fun and educational activities to do with their kids. We have lots of holiday worksheets, seasonal worksheets, animal worksheets and more. Make sure to check out all of our learning worksheets dealing with subjects like reading, writing, math as well as the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and more.

Seasonal Worksheets for Kids

Check out our worksheets that are themed for each of the seasons below. These seasonal collections include worksheets for practicing skills like matching, counting, spelling and more!

winter worksheets for kids

Winter Worksheets

Count the snowmen, unscramble the winter words, solve the secret winter message and more...
spring worksheets for kids

Spring Worksheets

Fill in the missing letters of spring words, count the rainbows, match the spring pictures and more...
summer worksheets for kids

Summer Worksheets

Check out this fun collection of printable summer worksheets for kids!
fall worksheets for kids

Fall Worksheets

Match the fall pictures, count the pumpkins, decode the fall cryptogram and more...

Kids Holiday Worksheets

This is our section of holiday worksheets. We are working on creating a set of worksheets for each holiday, so take a look at the ones we already have below. Whether you are a teacher or parent, we have different fun and educational worksheets for each holiday that you can print and use with your kids.

new year worksheets

New Year Worksheets

Check out our section of printable new year worksheets for kids including counting, matching, handwriting and more!
valentines day worksheets

Valentine's Day Worksheets

Help kids learn while having fun during this special holiday with this variety of Valentine's Day worksheets.
saint patricks day worksheets

St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

Children will enjoy this collection of printable worksheets with a fun St. Patrick's Day theme.
earth day worksheets

Earth Day Worksheets

We've got a variety of Earth Day worksheets that include printables focussed on recycling, earth, living things and more.
easter worksheets

Easter Worksheets

Check out our section of fun printable Easter worksheets for kids. Matching, math, counting, spelling and much more!
memorial day worksheets

Memorial Day Worksheets

Check out our fun selection of Memorial Day themed worksheets for kids including counting, handwriting, matching and more...
4th of july day worksheets

4th of July Worksheets

Get kids in the patriotic spirit while learning with this collection of printable 4th of July worksheets.
halloween day worksheets

Halloween Worksheets

Kids love Halloween and we have some fun worksheets to go along with our Halloween crafts for kids.
thanksgiving worksheets

Thanksgiving Worksheets

Check out our selection of Thanksgiving themed worksheets. Kids will have fun learning while enjoying this special holiday.
christmas worksheets

Christmas Worksheets

Christmas trees, ornaments and of course Santa! View and print our variety of Christmas worksheets.

Animal Worksheets

We have recently started creating animal worksheets (to go with some of new animal crafts we have been doing). Below are the first sets of free animal worksheets we have created. They include lots of fun and educational activities for kids to do. Perfect for parents or teachers and totally free!

farm animals worksheets

Farm Animals Worksheets

Farm animals are a kids favorite and this collection of farm animals worksheets are educational and fun!
birds worksheets

Birds Worksheets

Check out our set of birds themed worksheets which include a variety of learning exercises for kids of different ages.
ocean animal worksheets

Ocean Worksheets

This set of printable worksheets is geared towards ocean animals. Matching, counting, alphabetizing and more...
bug worksheets

Bug Worksheets

Kids will have fun learning about bugs and developing other skills with this set of printable bug worksheets!
african animals worksheets

African Animals Worksheets

Lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras and lots of other popular African animals take the spotlight in this fun and education set of worksheets.
mix and match animals worksheets

Animal Mix Up Worksheets

The animals in these worksheets got all mixed up! Kids can practice their scissor skills while figuring out how the pieces of each animal go together.

Worksheets by Subject

Below is a listing of some of our high level subjects or topics. We have thousands of free worksheets underneath these main subjects, so please click into them to see all the sub categories of each we have.

reading worksheets

Reading Worksheets

We have over 500 reading worksheets for a variety of age ranges that cover topics like reading comprehension, phonics, the alphabet and much more.
writing worksheets

Writing Worksheets

We have 400+ free and high quality writing worksheets that cover topics like fine motor skills, tracing letters, cursive, grammar, spelling and much more.
math worksheets

Math Worksheets

We have 500+ free math worksheets which cover all the basics like numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and much more.
basic concepts worksheets

Basic Concepts Worksheets

We have 150+ free worksheets that we have grouped into a collection we call basic concepts. These worksheets cover topics like same and different, before and after, full and empty, left and right and much more.
alphabet worksheets

Alphabet Worksheets

Over 150 printable alphabet worksheets for kids. Traceable letters, letter recognition, printing practice and more...
number worksheets

Number Worksheets

Help kids learn their basic numbers with this collection. Traceable numbers, counting practice and more...
shape worksheets

Shapes Worksheets

We have a variety of shapes worksheets including traceable shapes, shape recognition and more...
color worksheets

Color Worksheets

Teach kids their colors with this set of color worksheets. Color matching, color recognition and more...
pattern worksheets

Pattern Worksheets

Complete the patterns in these elementary math skills worksheets. We have easy, medium and hard skill levels for preschoolers.
size worksheets

Sizes Worksheets

Help kids learn the basic size concepts like; big and small, tall and short, long and short, and more...
same different worksheets

Same / Different Worksheets

Help kids learn to recognize things that are the same and things that are the same with this set of worksheets.
tracing lines worksheets

Tracing Lines Worksheets

This set of tracing lines worksheets is perfect for helping toddlers and preschoolers develop their early writing skills.
motor skills worksheets

Motor Skills Worksheets

Help kids develop their fine motor skills with this set of printable worksheets designed to help them with their scissor skills.
time worksheets

Time Worksheets

Teach kids to tell time with this collection of printable time worksheets. Read the clocks and write down the correct time as well as putting the hands on clocks to show the right time...

More Worksheet Topics

Below are some more of our printable educational worksheets for kids for you to choose from. Please make sure to check back often as we are always adding new worksheets to our websites.

music worksheets

Back to School Worksheets

Get kids excited about going back to school with these fun and education themed worksheets.
music worksheets

Music Worksheets

Teach kids about music and the many musical instruments! We have a nice variety of printable music themed worksheets that kids will really enjoy.
weather worksheets

Weather Worksheets

Check out this set of printable weather worksheets that kids will enjoy while learning about the weather.
plant worksheets

Plant Worksheets

This set of free worksheets will help kids learn about the different parts of plants.
space worksheets

Space Worksheets

This collection of worksheets is focussed on space and will help kids learn about the solar system and more.
geography worksheets

Geography Worksheets

Help kids learn about maps, coordinates, directions and things like the oceans, continents and much more.
dinosaurs worksheets

Dinosaurs Worksheets

Kids will really love this set of fun and educational dinosaur worksheets. We have a variety to choose from.
family worksheets

Family Worksheets

Help children learn about their family with our collection of family themed worksheets for kids.
about me worksheets

All About Me Worksheets

These "All About Me" worksheet focus on important things like a child's name, address, phone number and more.
body worksheets

Body Worksheets

Teach kids about some of the basic parts of the body. We have a bunch of worksheets to chose from.
food group worksheets

Food Group Worksheets

Help kids learn about the different food groups and healthy eating.
fruit worksheets

Fruit Worksheets

Check out our collection of free printable fruit themed worksheets for kids.
vegetable worksheets

Vegetable Worksheets

Check out our collection of free printable vegetable themed worksheets for kids.
dairy worksheets

Dairy Worksheets

This set of dairy food worksheets will help kids recognize dairy foods and practice important skills.
community helpers worksheets

Community Helpers Worksheets

Help kids appreciate the special people in your community with our collection of community helpers worksheets.
community worksheets

Community Worksheets

Learn about the different types of communities including Urban, Suburban and Rural communities.
months worksheets

Months Worksheets

Learn the months of the year including the ability to recognize, write, spell and put the months of the year in order.
days of the week worksheets

Days of the Week Worksheets

Learn the days of the week including the ability to recognize, write, spell and each of the days.