We just completed a couple new President's Day crafts and wanted to share them on the site. President's Day crafts are a great way for kids to learn a little bit about the United States presidents while having some fun crafting. We have a craft that includes a little story about George Washington. We also have a log cabin craft which makes for a fun story about Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln Craft abe lincoln craft

Our Abraham Lincoln mask is a great craft for President's Day. This cute craft is the perfect way for your child to pretend to be our iconic 16th president, complete with beard and stove pipe hat.

Abraham Lincoln Log Cabin Craft abe lincoln popsicle stick log cabin craft

This adorable Lincoln log cabin craft is fun to build when learning about presidents. Children create a log cabin out of popsicle and craft sticks. Construction paper is used to make Abe and the cabin's windows, door and chimney.

George Washington Cherry Tree Craft george washington craft

I can not tell a lie - this cherry tree craft is a great President's day craft and a lot of fun for your child to make. This craft ties into the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. The story itself is a great lesson for little kids and our daughter had a lot of fun making the tree.

Log Cabin Craft abraham lincoln craft

This log cabin craft is a great President's day craft and is a fun way to get your kids to practice their cutting skills. Abraham Lincoln lived in a log cabin and, if your child is old enough to be trusted around coins, you can even see him peaking through one of the windows.