This log cabin craft makes a great President's day craft for preschoolers. Abraham Lincoln lived in a log cabin and we had a lot of fun learning about what logs are, how you build a log cabin and why President Lincoln's house doesn't look like ours does now. Our daughter also learned that Abraham Lincoln is the "guy on the penny". This President's day craft is a great craft for practicing cutting skills as well.

What you'll need:

  • Brown and white construction paper
  • Black crayon
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Penny (only if your child is old enough to be trusted with one!)
How to make the log cabin craft
  1. Have your child cut the brown piece of construction paper into strips. They can either free-style cut them or you can draw lines for them to follow.
  2. Glue the strips onto the white construction paper in the shape of a house. Follow our picture for one idea on how to construct your cabin. Cut pieces to size as needed.
  3. Cut out a door and two windows from brown construction paper. Outline them with a black crayon so they stick out a bit and glue them onto the cabin.
  4. Glue a penny onto one of the windows so it looks like Honest Abe is looking out his window.
log cabin craft

abraham lincoln craft